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A moisturizer to wear underneath makeups?Lotus Herbals Alpha Moist Moisturizer

Lotus Herbals Alpha Moist Moisturizer for oily skin, review, photos

I have a love-hate relationship with Lotus`. While some products work amazing for me, there are some which turn out nothing but disappointment. On hearing much rave reviews of Lotus Herbals Alpha Moist, I got hold of a bottle from an online beauty store. I am really glad that I did!!
Does it mean it's one of my best moisturizers? I don't know. You can make that conclusion.

I am just getting into a quick review

How I describe it:
 It comes in a pump bottle with an affordable pricetag. The pump dispenses the right amount for my entire face. An extra pump does for my neck as well. It's kind of oil-free , non-sticky fluid which is neither runny nor viscous.
Now, I sound like I am making a scientific observation!

I take a pump or two, spread it in my palm and quickly pat it on my face and neck and just blend it evenly. It gets completely absorbed into my skin within two minutes.

1 Non-sticky, non-oily.
2 Easy to blend
3 Gets completely absorbed.
4 Doesn't smell too strong and the light fragrance vanishes away in  while.
5 Nice packaging with the pump which makes it travel friendly.
6 Affordable.
7 Suits my now oily-combination skin perfectly.

1 Does nothing to my acne or pimples.
2 My face becomes oily after 3 or four hours. but then, that's oily skin! And this is not a primer!

Other than that none.

That it gets completely absorbed into the skin makes it perfect to wear underneath makeup. But, I don;t know how effective it may be for ladies with dry skin. As for my part, even though in terms of effectiveness on acne, VLCC Skin Defense Moisturizer does a better job, it has it's own benefits which the VLCC one does not have.

 Shall I repurchase? Yes.
Do I recommend? I hear Lotus Herbals is a hit or miss for many. If you want , give this a try for sure.

Price: 195 INR for 80 ml


  1. Hi Nivedita, thank you for the detailed review. I love Lotus as a brand and have been using a lot of products from them. The latest one i am using is the whiteglow emulsion. And i must tell you I am liking it :)

    1. Hey, even I have heard nothing but rave reviews about them. Have to check out the range I guess.
      Thanks a ton for letting me know!

  2. I love this moisturizer a lotttt!!! My oily skin remains oil free for about 6-7 hours:) BTW great review!!!

    1. Thank you Megha. Yes! Frankly, it did surprise me with it's effective oil-free claim

  3. interesting!i'd like to try this moisturizer.

  4. i hav heard alot about this..wud get it soon for my sis..:)

    1. I'm sure she would love it provided lotus works for her skin

  5. its great for oily skin throughout year and for combi in summer , i have combi skin and find it terribly lacking in moisture during winters. Doesn't work for me for all seasons. But AHA does good in long run it made my skin soft and added glow.

    1. Even I know it would not do for me in winters because my skin is extremely dry then. But for summer, it's just perfect! S, I'm enjoying it while I can :P

  6. have heard good reviews on this...am now really tempted to get this one..thnx for sharing Niva <3

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  8. I have been looking for a good moisturiser to wear underneath makeup..now I am definitely getting this...thanks nivedita for the review...

    1. I'm sure you won;t regret it! Let me know how it fares for you


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