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Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment ( conditioner)

Did I tell you about one of my beauties I am trying to save up? Yes, I had received the Liz Earle Shine Treatment quite some time ago, and ever since I have been using it occasionally because I am afraid of using up the whole of it since it is not that easily available here around in India.
Did I also tell you that I had been having issues with dandruff and I cannot use every kind of conditioner of earth now? This one seems to be an answer to my prayers. No, I did not pray to cure my dandruff with it since we have dermatologists to do the job. I prayed to get a good hair shine treatment, which would soften my hair , make it shiny and NOT weigh it down.

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment

I don't know if the giraffeis attracted to it because of  'botanical'. It should have been a beauty addict to learn that. How lame can a joke get?

Anyway my experience: 
The better part:
During my first use, I kept in on for about 15 minutes. Some of you may know since I have rhinitis, I am prone to flu . So, what happened next was, I fell ill. BUT, my hair indeed felt soft.
Ever since, I have been using this just as a post-wash conditioner and it works great!

The effect? My hair feels soft and shiny. It's not the shine you see on TV or the softness you achieve with the conditioners that build up on your hair and eventually makes it limp and heavy.
It's the nice kind of softness and shine which looks and feels healthy and my hair remains bouncy. Usually I need to wash my hair every alternate day. But with this one, I can skip  day or two more. So, the math tells me. roughly, if I had to wash my hair thrice a week, I can make do with twice. Yay! Saves time and good for my health!

As with all Liz Earle products, the smell is mild and very fresh. It has a slight minty fragrance which gives a real kick to my senses in cheering me up.
Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment

The other side of the coin:
It is expensive for a conditioner and by that, I mean really expensive! 14 GBP which is approximately 900INR is not what you want to spend for a product if you intend to use it everyday.
Shipping might be expensive and I really don;t trust the IPS.

Overall: if I did not have to look at the prize tag, I would have said it's a must for every woman with fine hair.

I do recommend this if you have fine hair texture which needs moisturization and yet weighs down easily. You should try this in that case.

For composition, product claims , usage, etc check out the image above

PS: This post contains a PR sample. The opinions are 100% my own.


  1. wish it was not that expensive :(....would ve loved to try this!

  2. good i will for me as i hv fine hair :)

  3. sounds really nice but too expensive :(

  4. nice review...... but price puts me off ..that too for a conditionar..

  5. ohhh . .when will such products be available in India . . .. looks so much like i'd love it :)

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