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My conversations with Sushma Khan at Lakme Salon

I had mentioned that I had got the chance to have some chitchat with Sushma Khan, the eminent makeup artist.
Since, we are usually concerned about base makeup and concealers, I went ahead with those along with a few questions. So, here is a gist

Brides: Since the theme was Bengali and Marwari brides, Sushma is all for glitter and glam. There is no going overboard on this occasion.

Friends of the brides: They can go 'crazy as well'

How much is too much? There is no hard and fast rule. But, since carrying an outfit  and the makeup depends on the personality as well, it is better that the person herself decides.

Now comes the under eye solutions:
 Sushma suggests
1 Drinking at least 2 litres of water-- Check
2 Avoiding junk food. --- Check
3 Eating fresh fruits -- Check
4 Exercise--- Check
5 Keep your tummy clean-- Check
6 Sleep -- F , failed terribly.

These basic things should help to keep dark circles and skin issues at bay . She especially advises to eat at least three cucumbers a day, consuming Amla or the India Gooseberry, oranges and apples.

She actually complemented my skin which was a surprise to me for I always thought my skin is horrible. She said, my collagen looks good, but only the T -area might be sensitive suggested, if I could meet earlier, may be she could have suggested a customized diet plan! ( Now that was uncalled for. I never expected her to be so nice).

Now, make up:
For foundation, avoid everything which contain light reflecting particles or shimmers. Not all skins even need a foundation. Just basic concealing work may do. Be careful with your highlighter and take care how much you use it.

For concealer: For her, it's not the brand that's important. It's the shade which should match perfectly. I noticed derma color in her kitty which incidentally, I am using right now. The blending is a bit tricky. Sushma suggests to moisturize the eye are very nicely before putting on any concealer. Be it moisturizer, night cream or even under eye cream/gel put on  generous daub and give it time to soak up.
Instead of rubbing the concealer around, you should keep patting .( I use my Sigma F80 Flat topped kabuki which is giving me a beautiful finish).

To neutralize the browns and the blues, peaches would be the best. Even though my concealer was alright, she suggested me a shade from the dermacolor because according to her, I do have pink tones to my skin ( I thought it was only yellow :O) This is the reason, why sometimes, you should seek an experts advice. Lakme Concealer is also a good alternative.

I took a sly peek into her kitty and noticed lots of Kryolan and MUF. The brushes were no doubt mostly MAC as far as I discerned.
( Sorry Sushma, we beautybloggers are curious cats. Hope this intrusion would be forgiven)


  1. love how you composed the whole post,
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    1. Hey D, Sure! I saw it. I am doing it in a day or two

  2. Loved this post!! Quite alot of helpful tips from Ms Sushma Khan..Thanks for covering them

  3. Hi. Thank you so much!! I myself was so excited that I might have missed a few more questions . Still good to know that you liked it

  4. very useful. [new follower]


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