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Revlon Creme Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow In Wild Orchid did failed to make me wild with joy!

Revlon Creme Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow In Wild Orchid, review, swatches, photos, opinion

These guys have been around for a long time. in fact, for a long long time. In fact, my first eyeshadow quad was from this range and I was 18 back then. I did not use these too much back then to form an opinion and before I could do so, my sis took it away. :P So, this time I took away her's in turn and after a few uses, returned back very quickly as well.

Revlon Creme Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow In Wild Orchid

I know taking it and making it my own is pretty understandable. But why, return it back quickly? 

The answer is I hated it!

My experience:
Initially I loved the sight of the colorful brilliant cream shadows which swatched do intense. They are soft to touch and they glide on the lids.
I put them on and blended them nicely. The coverage was opaque and just beautiful! Wait!!
10 minutes, when I went to the washroom, I found my lids were almost bare with patches of colors here and there and all the shadows had gathered into my crease! I had to actually wipe put everything with a tissue since this was not when I was home.
Next, I had tried them as a base. yes, lavender as a base to lavender shadow and the like and I woulds ay, it worked good that way. There was minimum creasing and the powder shadows showed up so intense. But I was pretty annoyed with it.

Revlon Creme Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow In Wild Orchid

  1. Intense.
  2. Glides beautifully.
  3. Shows up pretty well.
  4. There are quite a few palettes from this range.
  5. Gives a glossy-metallic finish.
  6. Easily available.
  7. Works as a good eyeshadow base. 

  1. They CREASE horribly on me!! This single problem is reason enough for me to get rid of these. 
  2. 500 INR ( price) for an eyeshadow that creases might be a bit too much for many which of course includes me.
Revlon Creme Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow In Wild Orchid

Shall I repurchase? NO.
Do I recommend? Not really.


  1. I hate these too..I swatched them at lifestyle when they were new to the market n refrained from buying though the Sa said thy r jus awesome

  2. I have not tried it yet Nivedita but some how have not felt like trying cream shadows just because the fact that they crease badly.:(

  3. I had another palette from the same range,they crease like crazy..I agree it's a total waste of money

  4. i m rather afraid of tryin cream shadows ... i hav combi skin and i believe these ll crease on ma eyelids....

  5. This was my first eye-shadow quad too :)

  6. i have one of this which i don like to use at all..creases like hell :(

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  8. Nivedita.. You just got a blogger award! yay!!
    chk out this link for details - http://healthnbeauty-hnb.blogspot.in/2012/09/second-blogger-award.html

  9. nice review...won't use them ever...

  10. Man, I just bought these on a whim yesterday. Now that I've read this I am thinking about taking it back and getting the Maybelline Color Tattoo I was contemplating instead. Maybe I need to look and see if you have a review on that, so far I've mostly found good reviews.

    1. Well, if I were you, I would strongly advise that. I have not reviewed the color tattoo, but I do have it and trust me it's way better than this quad. Once set, it just doesn't budge!


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