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I'm not gone. But I am not back either. The Puja madness is still on!

If you are thinking this is an abandoned space you are wrong. I am very much here so, don't think that the big brother is not watching you!! Hahaha! That's creepy I know. Today is Nabami.
Bag Bajar Sharbojonin Pujo
Tomorrow Puja officially ends and I am indeed sad. What is more sad is the demise of Sunil
Gangopadhyaya. I want to do a separate post even though that is beyond the scope of this space. But since I had been fortunate enough to meet him on several occasions and he is one of my most favourite authours, it is indeed a kind of loss that I feel as I would if I lost a relative and a veary dear one at that.

.The last few days had insane! Streetfood, restaurant meals, all kind of junk food, walking around for more than 3 hours and yes! in high heels in case you are wondering and my feet could no longer take it and I woke up with aching feet. I actually had to put on a hot foot soak to help it. The day and night madness has taken it's turn and I and my friends are so tired that we couldn't go out. Still I managed to do a bit of pandal hopping in my 'para' ( area that is J).
Deshapriyo Park

The crowd is/was insane and yes, every step you take, there are a group of policemen. Perhaps this is the time of the year when Kolkata is the safest city in the world and the police would go to any extent to help you out.

Crowd at Deshapriya Park. Look in the distance. You would get an idea

Ballygunje\ Cultural Club. The rajasthani style Durga.

Don't miss the puppet show!
A decor of the Pandal. Yes, it is also a durga.


  1. Happy Nibami Nivedita! :)

  2. I know how awesome it will be in north.. last year i was in Varanasi at the time of Dussehra.. Happy Nabami . Nivi


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