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The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Compact for normal to combination skin

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Compact for normal to combination skin , review, photos, swatches

This is a long pending post and a product that I have had with me since they were launched. Somehow or other I never managed to post about it for some reason I do not know. Yes, I am talking about The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation.

Let me tell you straightaway that my skin has too much of blemishes. So, foundation is something that I 'need'. And for some weird reason, I noticed foundations actually keep my skin in a better condition. May be all that meticulous cleansing that follows does the trick.

Coming back to the Body Shop Foundation Compact, this is meant for normal to combination skin. Since my skin is very oily in summer and again, very dry in the dry seasons, I have to change my entire skincare and makeup routine. I hate to put on loads on moisturizers and then layer sunscreen and wearing a foundation on top of that is a bother. When I had first tried using this, I had felt it kind of strange. Yes, it did feel heavy at first. But then, in a minute or two, as soon as it was set, my skin looks and feels so natural and yes without any sign of blemish.

No, this does not cure them, but a little blended well into the skin covers everything well and imparts a beautiful soft-skin effect which I love.

Another thing which impressed me was the packing. it comes in a large compact with the product cake on the top compartment and a brush nestled in a case in the bottom one. The details of the design shows that the brand had indeed put in some extra effort.

The shade I have is Beige Rose Shade No 308. it is slightly darker than skin skintone. But once blended and set with Lakme Rose Powder, it simply vanishes into my skin leaving no sign of my blemishes.

The Likes:
  1. Perfect product for my skin which is dry now .
  2. Most foundations exaggerate the dry flakes. But this one kind of moisturizes the skin and keeps those flakes at bay.
  3. You don;t need to layer it on to hide the blemishes. A thin coat blended nicely is enough.
  4. Has SPF15 and yes, still photographs well. SPF 15 is too low I know. Still, if you are not directly going into the sun, it feels comfforting to know that I have som amount of sun protection.
  5. I have worn it for almost 11 applications so far and I have not hit the pan yet. ( I don't waste my goodies.
  6. I don't need extra moisturizer.
  7. This shade matches with my skin perfectly.
  8. The brush included does a decent job. Still you would need a buffer to buff it out .Because the brush does pick up and apply the product well.Yet, doesn't do a great job at blending. It is a synthetic bristle blush that picks up the product well bu
  9. The mirror, the brush, the compact as a whole makes it travel friendly.
  10. No significant odor.
  11. Never broke me out.

The dislikes:
  1. The price.1375 INR for 8.g grams!! The only thing I can say is OMG!! They could have at least given a little more!!
  2. it feels heavy at first.
That is all. I am actually liking this one   and yes, if you are on the go, I would say keep a pack of wet wipes to clean your face and keep this one in your vanity if you cant to quickly do your foundation.

Do I recommend? if you have very oily skin all the year round no. But for skin type like mine, oily in summer and dry in winter, this is your thing when the dry weather sets in.
I shall repurchase this again next winter.

I have a FOTD coming up soon. So, stay tuned.

What's your thought/experience about this foundation?

PR Sample. Honest review


  1. You're right there. When I was using MAC studio fix, it would dry my pimples and make my skin feel better once I took it off :D

    1. I'm really glad to find at least some one who agrees on this with me. Everytime I explained this to a friend every one laughed. Well, they thought it was a ruse to buy/wear more makeup :P

  2. Great review...ive never tried any of TBS makeup products..they just dont appeal to me!

    1. May be perhaps because they are more known for their skincare products?

  3. nice review.. last time i visited tbs was bout to pick this one but was confused.. but now i think i will pick one.

    1. Sheetal, if your skin is like mine, you should definitely try this out

  4. wow! this product sounds promising Nive! I too have oily skin in summers n dry in winters...vl definitely give this a try...thnx fr the lovely n detailed review :)

    1. Ha! Same skin type. let me know how it worked. I am thinking of coming up with a skincare routine as well

  5. very nice review nivi..am actually scared of cream foundis..

    1. Moi aussi!! For other brands, I would definitely stop and think before I put it on

  6. wow! this sounds promising! but 1375 for 8gms is too less!!!

    1. Hahaha! Yeah. But then, you need very little. That way it's paisa vasool esp, since I would be wearing this in winter only

  7. sounds nice really wanna try this..

  8. Hi Nivedita...

    I just read this review of yours...Like you said, many people may think its crazy. But my experience has also been same with this foundation. Every time I use it, I find that my skin feels good-fresh and renewed and looks healthy. Maybe the minerals doing their job? Dunno..But this is such a lovely product..

    Loved your detailed review..


    1. I'm glad at last at least someone believed I am not a weirdo :P Even I couldn't make a head or tail of why it always happened. perhaps, I should stick to this one in winters.

      Thank you so much for the comment Poornima. Hope you stop by every now and then :)


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