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Deborah Eyeshadow trio peach Passion 9: Did that really make me passionate?

Deborah Milano Eyeshadow Trio peach Passion 9 , photos, swatches, review
 Deborah had fairly surprised me with their 24 Ore Lipstick which I had reviewed here which had set the bar pretty high for the brand. So, I had expected a  very fine quality when it came to their shadows too. I have the trio called Peach 9 which comes in three coordinating shades.

According to the brand, this shadow can be used both wet and dry. But since, I am scared of spoiling the product with water, I have tried it only dry so far.

My experience: The packing is really sturdy and you can safely travel around. There is a sponge applicator that comes with it. The sponges are of good quality. Unfortunately, the bend handle makes it extremely difficult to hold it properly.
Of the three shades, the beige is the least pigmented and hard, while the deep brown is intensely pigmented and goes over beautifully.

The peach shade had the maximum fall out. The beige had no fall out since it is hard and never really showed up well, I am skeptic if I could pick up any color at all. it might be the case, since I could not basically make a dent, nothing came off.. The brown is a deep plummy brown with fine shimmers . it;s extremely pigmented and I love using it to line my eyes with a precision brush. This shade stays on for a very long time.

  1. Sturdy package.
  2. Beautifully coordinated shades.
  3. Can be used both wet and dry.
  4. Comes with an applicator.
  5. The brown is extremely good and well pigmented. it stays on for a long time.
  1. Inconsistent quality. each of the three shades are of different quality.
  2. The beige never comes up on a brush. Not even when I rubbed my fingers on it.
  3. Lots of fall out from the peach shade which makes the palette look dirty.
 For the price of 495 for this palette, I think there are lots of good shadows you can play around.

Do I recommend ? No.

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product by the brand. Honest review


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