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Elovera Cream: A solution to everything? Oh yeah! ALMOST!!

Elovera Cream review, photo I have a strange skin type. It's super oily in summer and as the weather becomes a bit dry, it turns very stretchy and dull and DRY!!! Lately I noticed even The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream was failing to provide the moisture I need at times. So, I ultimately went over to my druggist and got hold of this cream which I had used a very long time ago.

What's this? It's nothing fancy and definitely not your regular cosmetic product which you can get in a  drugstore. Even though it's not a medicine per se, you get it mostly at the chemists' shop.

When I was in my teens, I had to suddenly quit dancing which caused me to gain a whole lot of weight. Then again, it a few years the extra weight suddenly started vanishing away and that too very rapidly. Back at that time, I did not know what stretchmarks were ( I know the 14 year old me was too naive) and I had acquired horrible and ugly strechmarks.
My dermatologist suggested this and indeed overtime the stretchmarks had lightened. I do not really know if this was what helped. But the doctor also said that this cream can be used as a regular skin cream, for psoriasis, for scaly feet, etc. Stupid me, I wish I had memories of this last year.

This year suddenly I located in the shop window and I quickly got hold of it. And here is my review

MIND: I AM FOLLOWING A REGULAR SKINCARE REGIMEN NOW and it's working perfectly so far. I shall come up with it in due course of time. Anybody wants it?

My experience with this cream: 

The good:
      This is a very soft and very moisturizing cream. It's the kind that hydrates like anything. It does not really fully gets absorbed, but it's not sticky either. A wee bit is good enough for the entire face and neck and it makes my skin feel good instantly! Yes, it's no exaggeration.
       It does everything it claims like?
  • It lightens the acne marks and dark spots
  • It reduces the scars ( but it takes a lot of time to do that of course)
  • Does not break me out.
  • Used as a night cream, I wake up with a beautiful skin at night.
  • It keeps my skin moisturized for a long time.
  • it's not sticky.
  • Spread easily
  • Soothes my skin
  • My skin now looks cleaner and glowy unlike what it looked like before at the approach of winter.
  • I can use it anywhere,
  • Little goes a long and long way

The Bad:
Nothing. Alright, one; it's not available everywhere .

Prices at about 110 INR for 60 grams, it's a miracle in a pot!! It's my perfect and HG winter product!!

I do recommend this for any skin type. if you have very dry skin or psoriasis I would suggest you to try this one for once. But oily and combination skinned ladies should avoid it during summers.