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Oriflame Powder/Blush travel-size /Brush

Any beauty addict living in India would know what a crisis for good brushes we have here. Until sometime ago, precisely, until I hauled brushes from Coastalscents, I had been madly searching for value for money workable brushes. Now here is a find that I'm glad I made. It was a gift I received from a relative who knows I am a makeup addict.  So, she had picked this one on an offer.

For a brush, we don't need a lengthy post do we? So here we go

The good
  1. Cheap
  2. Dense enough 
  3. Dense enough to work both as a powder brush and a blush brush.
  4. Small handle which lets it fit into any makeup bag.
  5. Does a nice job with blushes.
  6. Doesn;t bleed when washed.
  7. Did not shed at all! I have washed it  with cloth detergent some 5 or 6 times so far.
The Bad:
  1. Can only be found through oriflame representatives.
For about 150 bucks ( ??), I am glad to own this since, i find myself carrying this one around on more than one occasion and reaching out for this.

What about you? What brushes do you use or recommend?

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  1. i so want coastal scents and sigma !!! this brush looks good.. the vega i have is making a mess everywhere :X

    1. Vega? Give it a bath and it might stop. luckily, my vega stuff turned alright. No shedding or anything. I noticed, they are very inconsistent with the quality

  2. wow the luk of it immediately conveys that it's a good brush
    myt get it soon wen in offers

    1. yes. Do grab one! You would never regret it


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