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Skin-routine that is making my skin feel happy: My updated skincare regimen

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My skin is very dry in winters and you would not believe how oily it is in summer. This freaky nature makes it difficult to stick to a particular regimen. Perhaps, you have found the perfect routine and then suddenly in a month or two, when the season changes, the same routine makesyour skin go berserk go berserk and it breaks out like crazy.

Winter is the time I detest. My skin usually turns very dry and since it is acne prone, putting on too much of moisturizer may even break it out. I had tried using even Ponds' Cold Cream. it gave me horrible acne while my skin remained parched as it was. Luckily, last year, I tried The Body Shop's Vitamin E range which I have repurchased and loved.

 Alright, don't be scared. I don't use all these in one go or daily either.

Himalaya Faceswash: It's my HG. My whole family uses it. I better not turn this into another rave post about it. Go get now.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser ( Not in the pic): It softens my skin, cleans my eye makeup without stinging, my face feels so soft and clean after every use.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Day Cream : There are two variants-- one for dry skin and another for all skin types. Mine is for all skin types. It feels like a light lotion and gets completely absorbed into the skin. last year, being apprehensive, I used very little amount. As a result, though my skin felt better than usual, it did not do as good as it does now. These days, I dot on generous amount of it all over my face and massage it into the skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream: it;s a very very rich cream and very thick. I love suing it tonight and it instantly soothes my skin. But on days, when the mercury is soaring up, I don't 'dare' to use it.
I'm using this twice pr thrice a week in maximum.

Vedicline Undereye gel:  It's a daytime-use product. I love how it goes over under the eyes and the whole area feels so calm. if you have puffy eyes, try this. Within a few minutes, when the gel is soaked, the puffiness just vanishes away!

Vedicline under eye cream: It's the night-use cream. It;s very thick. but don't be fooled. It moisturizes the area beautifully and gets completely absorbed. ( review soon)

The gel and the cream, both used as they should be, really helps the under eye circles. yes, I'm the guineapig here :P

Elovera Cream: A miracle product which comes with a very low price tag. Read the review here

Liz Earle Skin care kit: The Hot Cloth Face Polish, the toner and the facial lotion-- the three step kit, does a wonderful job.
Since I have acne prone skin, exfoliating my skin regularly is not a good idea. So, I keep this aside as a weekly regimen. This provides more moisturization than the Vitamin E Cream.

Vedicline papaya Pack: I don;t know what I shall do without this product. From curing acne to skin infections from acne breakouts, it's so amazing! I'm almost through this tub. Have to get a new one soon.

Himalaya fairness pack: ' Fairness product? Oh! I don't use!! I'm happy with my skin tone'-- please. don't write these in the comment section. Even I don't use this to get 'fair'. It's a clay/mud pack which does a good job for my acne and immediately lifts the complexion. Whatever works for me is good for me!!

Vedicline Avocado face Scrub: Too much of scrubbing breaks me out and I have to go gentle... too gentle. But going that gentle doesn't always do the job well. This one has a creamy base and also has finely milled shell powder. It's feels like iron hands in kid gloves! it's very mild, but does a real power cleaning. I am using it once or twice a week.

 Last but not the least: The Body Shop Jolly Orange Lip balm: It's a huge pot ( in terms of lipbalms). In order to finish it, I have scooped and given half of it to my friend. it smells goodie of oranges and is very unlike the regular TBS Lipbalms. This is white, opaque and deeply moisturizing and healing. Pity it was a limited edition. I think it might be like the candied ginger lipbalm which I regret not buying.

Hope you like this post and if your skin type is like mine, hope this might help you. A suggestion, if you cannot afford the TBS, just go for the Elovera Cream. For packs, these work for me. So, use what suits you which is why I have gone into the details. For example, for me it's the clay that works, so you can of course try your own clay/mud pack instead of what I use.

Do share your skincare regimen. For bloggers, you can do a similar post and leave a link here. It's always good to know :)


  1. This post reminds me that I need to finish my skin care routine blog post which is in my draft for almost 3 days now XD.

    1. Get it done. We all need skincare update routines! It helps a lot

  2. that sounds great :) even I have crazy oily skin that goes dry in winter. im planning to get that vit E cream now ;)

    1. Go ahead I would say. Try the Elovera first IMO

  3. I got the Elovera cream after reading your review, and I must say it is awesome! Thank you for sharing a review of that prdt with us :)

    1. You are welcome. Even I'm obsessed with it!

  4. hey is that creme cleanser ok for oily skin? & lady where did u get liz earl from?

    1. The Cream cleanser is absolutely ok for oily skin if you wipe it off with a damp cotton or towelette. it's actually not a cream per se, it;s a thick lotion. check out the review which might help.

      The LIZ Earle range was shared by the brand last year and I have been using it sparingly so that it doesn't finish up soon .

  5. hello!!

    I'm very curious to try Liz Earl products!!
    I'm a new follower :-) if you want,pass from my blog :-)

    kisses, Andrea :-)

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