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VLCC Rosemary Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Kill the flakes!

 I know I know, for the last few days, posting here has been inconsistent. I wanted to do some more varied posts, but my cousin's wedding coming up in two weeks, my own stuff, everything has been keeping me from even getting near my camera. And that a good post is never good enough without some photos, every wise woman knows.
Coming back, to the review. Winter is always accompanied by flakes. I'm not talking about the snow flakes darlings, the flakes that make our life miserable.
I have the oily sticky scalp with very fine dandruff whcih is not apparently even visible. but it makes it's persence known by all kind of manifestation. You can check my post on it here.
What to do?
The good:
 Commonly anti-dandruff shampoos make the hair too dry and that way, it's not different. but what stands out is that, it cleanses my hair through and through without leaving any kind of residue and the dandruff stays away for at least three days after which the scalp starts getting a bit oily and itchy again. given, I almost had to clean my hair every alternate day, it's a winner.
besides, the bounce and shine it brings when followed up with a conditioner is amazing!!

The bad:
Well, it doesn't clean up or lather well in the first go. And if you wash your hair twice, it might strip your hair and scalp off all the moisture. In that case, how do I use it?

no problem!! I do the first rinse with my regular Sunsilk Lusciously Strong shampoo and as a treatment, do a second rinse ( focusing on my scalp) with this one. Followed up with a conditioner, I'm set for another three days.

So, brings down to cleaning my hair to almost only twice a week. Cool huh?

I had got buy this one and get the Soya-protein shampoo free for 75 bucks. ( Don;t know which one is the freebie here).

I actually did repurchase a 400 ml gigantic bottle of this one.

Do I recommend? If you have seborrhic dermatitis ( oily scalp and dandruff ) this might be a good choice provided you use it along with any other regular shampoo and follow up with a conditioner.
For dry scalp-- No. I don't think so because I am not sure how this would fare.

So, what do you think?

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  1. I don use shampoos usually but I suffer from dandruff in winters!Wat do u reco??

    1. How do you clean your hair? I could come up with some suggestion then

  2. Nice review dear ! I personally feel nothing helps more than a ketoconazole shampoo !

    1. Yes, you said that before. I found this one is working for me. So, whatever works is good :P

  3. very helpful review dear

  4. Nice review... :)
    ive got a dry scalp so i think this isnt for me...

    1. Neha, in that case you could try massaging the Himalaya Anti-Dandruff cream. Just remembered, I should repurchase one as well. Massage it on your hair and scalp at least and hour or teo before cleaning. it works wonders both for the scalp and the hair. It has been reviewed here as well if that helps.

  5. Hi...I used this one,and it worked...now i have nice hair,but why this shampoo is not available in market...?
    they have changed this shampoo and new anti dandruff shampoo only available...
    new one is like hell..its tooooooooo bad,again dandruff came..
    pls suggest me any other anti dandruff shampoo like this...

    1. Hey, this one was not available for some time but it's back with a bam!!


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