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Before you head out: Makeup Look Book for Novice; Volume1

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Christmas is already gone, but the party season is not over yet. We have New Year to come and parties-- big and small are everywhere. From a ladies day or night out to a mad disco, it;s time to go berserk.
So, I am trying to compile a few looks which you can easily do even if you are a novice ( just like me)

Winged liner:
This is one of the easiest eye makeup if you are used to lining your eyes, especially liquid or gel liners. Black, however boring you may feel it is, can never be out-fashioned. Go for either the cat-eyed wins or the blunt Amy Winehouse Stlye. Complete it with loads of mascara and don't forget your lower lashes.
Pair it with bright red lips, bright fuchsia or simply a nude shade for the simple and yet edgy look.

Versatility quotient: Almost anyone can wear it and anywhere
. Today, I went out in a jiffy and had barely the time to throw on my clothes. But still I grabbed hold of my Maybelline Hypershine Liner and drew in two wings and put on a quick dab of Maybelline Colorsensational Gloss in Cranberry Cocktail. No, I did not go to a party or anywhere.. Just took a ride with my sis and my brother-in-law.  We drove around to look at the lights :)

Here is my face and no in case you are wondering, that was not my outfit :P

Neutral but glittery eyes:
I love red lips, so I would like to keep my eyes comparatively understated .But since my eyes are hooded, most of the  dramatic eye makeup gets hidden. So, I don;t mind sparkles on my lids. Even if you do not have hooded eyes, it's fine.  Because this is the time to get gorgeous!
I did a gold-brown eyemakeup with plenty of liners and mascara and wore the Cranberry Cocktail again.  Sorry, that the lighting was not good is what I realized after I was through with the shooting. :(

And half of my face

Instead of the golden eyes, you can go for anything and anykind of glittery and glamour shades you can think of. 
I shall come up with a few more makeup ideas which you might like to take a look at  
Beauty Must Haves:
  • Bright Lipsticks /Glosses ( red, bright berry, hot pink, fuchsia)
  • Black shiny liner
  • Mascara 
  • Blush ( soft pink , coral)
  • Glitter liners
  • Colored liners   
  • Shadows and whatever makeup you can think of


  1. I like the glitter eye look very much

    1. Thank you! I love glittery eyes as well

  2. :)loved the second look :)

  3. oooh love the glittery effect on your eyes :) looks very pretty ♥

    1. Thank you. Just wish the photos were more clear. realized they cam out like this only after I had cleaned up everything :(

  4. Wow Nive! Loved the glittery eye look so much....U made it look so wearable<3

  5. loved ur looks specially the 2nd one

    1. Thank you. That one is one of my favorites :)

  6. Wowww You looks super damn cute Nivi.... Today only found your blog :) too late na???
    Loved ur ETOD and lippies <3

  7. Loved d winged eye Nivedita :) and ur hawt red lips :D

  8. loved this post di :)

  9. Winged eyeliner looks so good na.
    I like the glittery eye makeup look .:)

  10. winged eyeliner always for me .:)

  11. Super cute...Glittery eyes with winged liner <3


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