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Product Query: Reader's Feed back-- Maybelline Colossal Mascara washable variant

Most of you have used the much raved about Maybelline Colossal Mascara by now. I myself have used up an entire tube of the washproof variant.
I need a washable one ASAP and since I had loved the washproof one, I am considering purchasing the other variant now.

If you have used it, what was your experience like? What washable but good mascara would you recommend me?


  1. get the lakme eyeconic one nivi..u wont be disappointed..am now gonna finish it n get the plain old colossal washable one

  2. I'm loving the colossal mascara too. you should try the revlon mascara it's washable. and give good volume to the lashes :)

  3. I like the lakme one better :) If u prefer length get Lakme and colossal if volume ;)

  4. get the non waterproof one.....u only need washproof ones during the rains.....if u r willing to shell out a bit more for mascara then i highly recco the volume million lashes.....


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