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Sunsilk Keratinology: Detoxifying Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner

Sunsilk Keratinology: Detoxifying Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner , review, photo
I clean my hair almost thrice a week, follow up with a conditioner and since I blow-dry, I have to use some protective serums or other potions. Result? I do sometimes worry if there are buildups on my scalp
I had mentioned earlier, I feel using the same shampoo for a long time, eventually builds up on the scalp which might lead to hairfal. So, feel feel a detox shampoo might be a good idea. Here is my take on the new range of Sunsilk Keratinology

My Experience: The first impression that I had was the packing. They have the feel of high end products if you get what I mean. But the tricky part is getting them out. The mouth is something I had never seen before. You have to press one side and the other side would tilt up revealing the pore and then you have to take out the product. The same thing for the conditioner.

I would say it's good provided you use it only once a week which is how you should. it lathers well and yes, cleans everything away!! My hair and scalp is left squeaky clean! This also means-- your hair is stripped off all kind of natural oils. So, don;t be overzealous and use this too many times or evevryday!

What I liked:
It's a good detox shampoo which cleans my hair and scalp very nicely. My hair becomes a bit more voluminous and yes, the shine returns when followed up by a moisturizer.
It's affordable and since we need very little for a wash, I see it lasting me a long time.

Dislikes: Going overboard may leave your hair frizzy and dry. But then, with a detox shampoo you are not supposed to.

It's not a very moisturizing one. At least not for coarse hair I would say. It's very mild and used after the detox shampoo it did not leave my hair too smooth or too shiny. It just took away the extreme dryness.

For weekly detox, I pretty much liked the shampoo. I would recommend it to everyone who has oily hair, or uses different hair products like serums, sprays, heat -protectants, etc which might build up overtime even after being washed out.
I would not recommend the conditioner to everyone. Woem with coarse or thick hair, SHOULD stay away as it won't do much.
BUT, if you have fine hair and you need very little extra moisture which would not weigh your hair down, you might give this a try and must not forget to update me.

So, that's all ladies. What's your say?

PS: PR sample. Honest review.


  1. Have not tried the Keratinology range yet..shampoo sounds good..the Heat Protectant is surely on my list..


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