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The Body Shop Jolly Orange Lipbalm

The Body Shop Jolly Orange Lipbalm, photo, review
Christmas is around and we don't like dry lips. I am taking out all of my lip balms and trying to do proper justice to them. But The Body Shop Jolly orange lip balm is a giant in the lipbalm-land! While normal lipbalms from The Body Shop come in a quantity if 9 grams ( which takes me ages to use up anyway!),  this is 13 grams! Well, that doesn't sound much. But the problem is, for a lipbalm it's a huge quantity!

 However, I love orange-scents in my skincare products. I can't say it's my favourite fruit. Still, I am always drawn towards them.

I had picked up this cutie while there was a 50% sale going on and I almost mindlessly picked it up! ( I wish I had picked up the candied ginger as well... they are the same with only the difference in scents).

My experience: It's a huge tub which you have to try your best to use up and even then, be sure to be bored! It smells wonderful and has tiny shimmers which are not visible at all on the lips.
Now, it's a bit different from the regular The Body Shop Lip balms. Normally they are translucent, slightly tinted and make the lips look wet but would not moisturize in the long run This one is way opposite, It's a thick white balm that does not make your lip look wet or soft or anything. In fact, I would not use it in the day time. it creates a whitish cast when used in thick coats. That's a bummer.

But the best thing about it, used at night, it kind of gets absorbed into the lips and throughout the day I don;t feel like reaching out for any lipbalms at all!! That's a good thing since my lips are extremely dry and I love them soft and wet!! ( Don't ask me why)

So, the Pros:
  1. Huge quanity for a lipbalm.
  2. Smells of wonderful oranges.
  3. prevents chapping.
  4. I don't have o reach out for it throughout the day.
  5. Thick-- so won't slide off which is a good thing in winters when the cold may try to suck evevrything off your lips.
  6. Worn in a thin layer, can be wor unver lipsticks and give them a more creamy appearance.
  1. Limited Edition I think.
  2. Leaves a white cast.
  3. Won't heal already chapped lips.
  4. The price is a whooping 350 INR ! But I assume I am the only one complaining here.

Yes, I scoped out half of it and gave it to a friend. We do share our stuff like that. LOL.

Verdict: I like this balm as a preventive one. But for cure, I would not turn towards it. As with all Body Shop lip balms, it has it's feel good factor. So, if you are a lip balm addict, this might be a good one in your collection.
As for myself, I won't repurchase this, simply because I am tired of using it regularly!! I might want to pick up the Candied Ginger if that is available ever again

Do you share your products with friends? How do you feel about it?


  1. haha..i also get bored n tired of using stuff..iv never tried these lip balms..

    1. :P We are all on the same boat Preetha! :P You might like to give these a try, but I won;t say these are must haves...

  2. I have the Born lippy one.
    I like trying different lip balms but then they will not even finish and i will hop on to the next one. :P

    1. Exactly! And that way we keep hoarding and start feeling guilty later :P


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