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Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion, review, photo, swatches
In my previous post I showed my stash of body lotion and here goes the 'review-thon' if I can call it by the name.J

Love it.. hate it... you can't ignore the brand. I always have a bottle of Vaseline Body lotions at my place.

I am not making much drama out of it. May be the drama-queen in me is taking a break for sometime. :)

My experience: I love the fragrance. It's not exactly fruity and not floral or sweet either and this is what draws me in. In fact every time I put it on, I actually smell it. I know it;s not a big deal, but I love it anyway.
As for the moisturizing, I feel it does a pretty decent job. The lotion gets completely absorbed in sometime and if you have dry skin, I think it might be a perfect product for summer as well.

But my skin would not remain moisturized for more than 4 or 5 hours which is a bit of disappointment I would say. But since 149 INR for 300 ml is not much, I kind of enjoy slathering it on. I know, I know, I sound freaky.

So The Pros:

  1. Smells good.
  2. Moisturizes my very dry ody skin for quite a few hours.
  3. Smells really good and fresh.
  4. Easily available ( along with some discount)
  5. Kind to your pocket.
  1. Doesn't do the job for a long time.
  2. The flip cap wide bottle-head tends to get messy at times.
I have no real complaints. I would repurchase this. For summer, Parachute Advanced Summerfresh would be my first pick. But this bottle would snugly sit by it's side as well.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I have heard good things about this lotion. Must check it out now. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hey, you are welcome. I love Vaseline body lotions :)

  2. This lotion is idea for use in summer. For winter i prefer the Vaseline one with the soy extract coz this one isn't too hydrating.

    1. I agree Dollie, for the winter months, I am using Parachute's new variant called Deep Nourish. They also have another one for very dry skin. Nivedita knows about this. This blody lotion moisturizes really well and the best part about it is that it lasts really long.

  3. Good Article. I read your other article on Parachute Advansed Body Lotion which had lot of coconut milk related benefits. Will definitely give it a try. Thank you for the info.


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