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Aromamagic Mint Cleanser made me happy

Aromamagic Mint Cleanser, review, photo
I had been requested to review the Aromamagic Mint Cleanser since the day I bought them. But I wanted to give it a fair trial before I could review and eventually the 'trial' took so much time that the cleanser would last say one more application!

When I was badly in need of a cleanser I went to a store in my 'pada' ( locality) and as the shop are here, are always wrong! I wanted  liquid makeup cleanser and they suggested I take this one to clean my eye makeup! Now, have you heard of any 'mint eye makeup remover'!! I knew right then, that my purpose
would not be served, but this might be actually a promising product to relax and clean my face after an oily summer day :D

How I use: Just as I had expected, the cleanser does not exactly remove makeup and being oil-free and since it contains mint, please do not use it on your eye area! it stings badly!
The product is a white foamy -looking product and feels like a very very light foamy cream! I knew it wouldn't do a great job at removing makeup, but if you are not wearing any makeup, it works good to remove any trace of dirt or grime.
I use it almost like a hot cloth cleanser. massage it on my face for a while and add a few drops of warm water. Having massaged for quite some time, I leave it on my face for a few minutes and then, soak a towelette into hot water, wring it and then cleanse my face.

My experience: I noticed that it does remove impurities-- dirt and oil from my skin leaving it very clean and fresh. Since I use this mostly in the night, I follow this up with a good night cream and I notice that my skin looks pretty much radiant on the next day.
if you have zits, it also kind of smoothens them down and eventually they  vanish! That doesn't mean it would keep them at bay I think.

  1. Helps my oily skin a lot esp in summer.
  2. Effectively removes dirt and oil.
  3. Light on the skin.
  4. The mint oil helps the acne.
  5. Affordable
  6. easily available.
I really have no complaints against it and I would say if you have oily , acne prone skin in summer, go ahead and get hold of a pot. it comes in two sizes. About 100 rupees for 50 grams that would last you quite a few applications won't hurt.
It's good to incorporate in your summer skin care regimen I would say.


  1. lovely review, i do like aroma magic products a whole lot.

    1. Everyone has been praising the brand. What other products would you recommend?

  2. I need this.. mint works good for me.. Nice review Nivedita.:)

    1. I would totally encourage you to go ahead Niesha! Thank you!!! :)

  3. Everybody is raving on this ! I will get it for the summers :)

    1. That is a good idea. It's a wonderful product!


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