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Auravedic Brightening Skin Polish: Amla and Tamarind

Auravedic Brightening Skin Polish: Amla and Tamarind, review, photo
Because of my skin, I am always in awe of scrubs and I used to avoid them at all cost. But a girl needs a good scrubbing  every now and then! So, I had been trying to find out all about scrubs and because of my acne prone skin, I go gentle with them now.

When I had got hold of this scrub, I was pretty doubtful since this is a brand with which I am not so familiar. Second, the think scrub look pretty doubtful.
 When I scooped out a bit, I could distinctly smell the whiff of  amla or the Indian Gooseberry in it and yes, it does have that twang of tamarind .

My experience: It is quite thick and feels creamy . But I found the granules are very small and not harsh.  When I had first tried this about a year ago, I had gone heavy handed and yes, it broke me out. I was so scared that I did not get back to it for another few months until this winter. In winter, my skin turns very dark and dull. But thanks to the scrubs, and vitamin E creams and yes of course, my good foundations, my skin remained in a much healthier condition.

How I use it: I use it as a scrub mask. I would clean my face; wet it with water and then lightly  massage a dollop onto my skin. After a minute ( I try not to go overboard because of my acne), I leave it on for a couple of minutes more and then wash it off .
My skin feels very soft, the cream base of the mask softens and moisturizes the skin and I love the way my skin glows on the next day. Even then, since this is winter, I follow up with my Vitamin E cream.

So, the Likes:
  1. Mild.
  2. Used light-handed, a good scrub even for acne prone skin.
  3. The cream base softens the dead cells and helps in better exfoliation.
  4. Leaves the skin very clean.
  5. My face indeed feels better.
  6. Affordable. 
  1. If you are not careful, your acne might be irritated.
  2. The creamy base does not make it the best scrub for summer.
  3. Availability is an issue. 
  4. It is priced 300 INR for 100 grams. Though i am not complaining, we do have plenty of other options.

Overall: It is indeed a nice scrub to have that does a neat job. But I feel there are options as well and they come with a lower price tag.

What scrub do you use?

Disclaimer: Product by the brand. But my review is honest.


  1. Amla n tamarind sound so interesting for a scrub....Very tempting indeed ;)

    1. It is! I am glad more Indian brands are coming up with herbals ingredients

  2. the ingredients look really good

  3. Alma and tamarind sounds interesting..
    I love scrubs a lot.

    1. I had never 'loved' them as such. Now I am getting more into them

  4. Am kinda loving this brand .. they have some really good products :)

    1. Haven't tried too many products. let's see what turns out :)

  5. Interesting ingredients...Nice Review Dear :)

    1. Thank you Radha. Yes, the ingredients look pretty interesting!


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