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Beauty Updates especially for email subscribers

For the last couple of days, there were issues with my feedburner subscriptions . As a result you happened to miss my Beauty Updates in your inbox. Hopefully, the issue has been sorted out. But I love it when you visit, check out and comment on my post. hence, here is a quick update on what you might have missed in the last couple of days

1 The Best of Beauty at Beauty At Times Is Skin Deep: The post sums up what makeups I had been liking the most in each category.
Do the list to let me know your favorites. May be I could find a few more treasures as well .

2 Happy New Year Wishes: I am indeed grateful to my readers and my friends over here. Hope you check out the post for once.

3 Review of Parachute Body Lotion for winter: May be this might be the solution if you have very dry skin. Don't miss out the review.

4 My haircare routine Update: I had discussed earlier how dandruff almost ruined my skin and each winter, most of us are inevitable bugged by the demon called 'dandruff'. In this post I revealed how I had been battling the demon and it looks subjugated for the time being.