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BOURJOIS PARIS LIPGLOSS: EFFET 3D, review, photo swatchesshade 08

By Asmita
 I never fancy myself as a writer, but writing a review sure makes me feel like one and the feeling is great. I was supposed to come up with a review a long time ago but the beginning is no picnic for me and neither are endings alright. I will try to do justice anyhow.

Price: Rs. 550 INR
Shade: 08
Quantity: 5.7ml
Shelf life: 3years

Label claim: keeps lips hydrated for 8 hours 

 What I felt: The gloss comes in a super slender, easy to grab container. The applicator brush is a huge boon, it exactly extracts the quantity required to cover the lips. If one feels the need of a little extra gloss is required then go for a second round. Bottom line, waste is minimum. So  it lasts long. As for the 8hours hydration part, it worked for me, but if you use your lips for more than just talking, well then it could be a rain on your parade! 

· Easy to handle container
· The bristles of the applicator are very soft.
· Absolutely gorgeous finish
· Stay put for sufficiently long period
· Does not bleed
· The gloss has a smooth texture and the liquid is adequately viscous.
· Nothing as such except for the price.

P.S. Everything about it makes it a good buy and worth every rupee. It is a hit with me and I am definitely going for a second and subsequent purchases.
About the author: Asmita is my childhood friend who has been encouraging and almost goading me to keep this space alive and kicking! She is the friend who actually lent her ELF book of shadows even before she herself used it!! I don;t know what more i should say about her because everything falls short!
Editor's Note:  That's a wonderful color Ash!! I was amazed even at how my lips looked with it on. Thank you so much for the review. It looks wonderful on you and since I have had yours with me for the last couple of months, I am enjoying it too ;)  It keeps my lips so soft and feels so good on the lips!!The color just is just universally flattering!


  1. Wowww This Shade looks yummy and superb...Nice Review dear..... :)

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  3. absolutely gorgeous color !! <3

  4. oohh.. definitely will be on my next make up shopping list ;)
    thank you for the review!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. It's a lovely colour and not expensive..so worth it..

  6. Pretty shade! Seems like a great product :)

  7. sweet candy like shades, you have nice pout


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