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Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facewash Brightening Berry does brighten up my day

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face wash Brightening Berry , review, photo
I am always nostalgic abut Clean and Clear. This was the first brand from which I got my first facewash. Yes, even though I was not born in the Jurassic Age, during my chilhood, facewash did not make way into the market. It was only when I was a teenager that the concept was permeating and in order to do that Clean and Clear had distributed their samples in our school! Strange place to come across a facewash... I know. J

For years I had been loyal to that one until I started experimenting ( not because I was adventurous, but every now and then, a hillock of a pimple would pop out its head to say 'hello'). Last time I was in a store,
the beautiful bottle caught my attention and wanted to try a facewash that looked beautiful!
See, doesn't it look so?

My Experience: Even though it;s not a colored product, and this might sound stupid -- this was more of a love at first sight! The pink balls were swimming in a light pink fluid. Anyway, here is my experience

The first thing you notice is definitely the beautiful color and the wash itself. On pouring it out, I loved the smell. I was expecting it to lather up much, but it doesn't lather like a regular facewash. No, I don't mean that it doesn't lather... it does, but not as much as say my Himalaya Neem Facewash would which is a good thing.
It feels very mild on my face and in fact, my face does not feel as much dry as it would with any other facewash. ( I have oily-combination skin ladies,if you are curious).
On regular usage, I can;t say if I noticed anything major, but I don't like using it to remove my makeup. I normally use it in the morning when my face is clean but I only need to either get rid of the oil, or freshen up without a very very deep cleaning.

So, the Pros:
  1. Mild.
  2. Effectively removes 'excess' oil.
  3. Doesn't dry out the skin.
  4. Looks beautiful and smells beautiful.
  5. Easy availability.
  6. Lathers decently.
  7. The bottle is sturdy and not leaky at all.
  8. In case the nozzle blocks up, you can unscrew the cap and take out the product.
  9. Affordable.
  1. The beautiful beads, sometimes get stuck into the tiny nozzle and if you squeeze it too hard, it would squirt out dispensing more on your palm ( and else where) more than you need.
So, here is the gist of it. 50 ml for 50 bucks ( I think) is not going to burn a deep hole into your pocket. So, you might give this a try irrespective of your skin type I think.

Have you any face wash nostalgia like me?


  1. I like the bottle a lot. seen it so many times but never used it. I want to use it soon since it is oil free.
    Nice review Nivi.:)

    1. Give it a try Niesha. I guess you won;t be disappointed. As for myself, I am getting a second bottle for sure

  2. beads clogged the nozzle?? HAhaaha...I love the original one from this one. Nice review. BTW which was that face wash which gave free samples in school? Pretty cool if u think of it

    1. :D Doesn't that sound rich? :P I love the original one too. Good thing you spoke of it. I shall get that one again!
      it was the same Clean and Clear! :P It was cool, but it was a good marketing strategy as well :P

  3. Nice Review dear... I loved the colour of this face wash hehehe will try once :)

  4. thanks for the review, i have used & liked it. totally agree with you

  5. I've been plenty tempted by these very cute bottles myself while shopping for groceries. But I skip them as I don't use facewash. My first face wash was Garnier, I saved up and bought it with my pocket money & at 35 bucks I thought it was a splurge :P

    1. how exactly do you clean your face then? :O Hihihihi! When I come to think of these, I think we used to be happier when we were younger a actually! :P Using the first facewash made me feel like I was really 'taking a lot of care' for my skin :P

  6. This looks cute...though I am quite liking the vedic line facewash these days..will try this after that..


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