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Happy Republic day! And some thoughts

                               Wish you all Happy Republic Day!!

I was wondering about our Independence Day and Republic Day. I was also thinking about our Constitution that gives us all equal rights irrespective of gender and class. More than 65 years have passed, I wonder if we have really fulfilled the dreams which our freedom-fighters dreamt of and died for.

Everyday, as I see injustice and maltreatment. Everyday as we walk down the street and are greeted with traumatic leching, gestures and foul words which not even a police constable would want to take seriously and rather preach we should stay home, I wonder if this is the country -- no country of women which had been dreamed of.
Still, the agitations, the recent endeavors like setting up of the Verma Committee , makes me hopeful ( even though most political parties conceded to the recommendations for the change of laws only half heartedly and a certain one, which had insisted on replacing the Constitution with the misogynist Manusanhita actually gave a hint it might oppose the recommendations) that may be, after all our dreams have not 'Dried up like raisin in the sun'.
 Hope we see a better day and a better India. Hope our rights need not be only secured by the law, but the society learns to change it's view. Hope the Republic Day becomes a really 'happy' one some day and we are able to rejoice the dream that our forefathers had struggled for! 



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