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No more dry skin with Parachute Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Previously, Simi or our Simantini had reviewed the lotion for us last year. For myself, even though it sounded nice, I was pretty intrigued, but like most of you, every time I hear 'Parachute' I keep thinking of their Coconut Oil ( which is a good quality as well). Still, I wasn't sure to give the body lotions a go until I had tried their Summer Fresh, which I am surely repurchasing this year. Anyway, I was about to get a bottle, when two babies arrived. I had tried both for quite sometime and now it's time for my review.

My Experience with it: I had been half expecting to smell coconut oil in it and more so on seeing coconut oil as a key ingredient. Now, I am personally not a big fan of coconut. So, I took a sniff and nah! It did not smell of coconut.

One pump was enough for both my hands. I applied and massaged it well on my whole body and this variant took a bit more time than the summer fresh before it got fully absorbed.
This one doesn't leave a greasy coat on the skin, but you get the feeling of it being there for sometime. But the good news is that, my extremely dry skin remains moisturized throughout the day and sometimes I even skip reapplying in the night and there is no stretchiness . That way, it is a keeper!

So, What I liked:
  1. It did better than most of my body lotions. ( wait, there is going to be a battle soon).
  2. It keeps my extremely dry body skin moisturized even in winter. That way, it aced everything in terms of performance which is what makes up for everything.
  3. Smells good. Not too strong or floral or fruity, yet, some thing really fresh.
  4. Cheap. 115 INR for 250 ml and be sure to get some discounts.
  5. Easily available in the shops.
  6. The bottle looks feminine and the flipcap is tight. It won't leak through if you are traveling (hopefully)
What more I wish for
  1. I wish there was an even bigger sized variant available. ( I have the tendency to buy the biggest size if I love a product, cost effective and lasts long)
Verdict: I really can't complain about the product. I know many would shy away because Parachute is not exactly an 'elite' brand. But for me, what ever works for me is good enough . So, I am definitely repurchasing this one.

Do I recommend? If you have dry skin, I would suggest you to give this a try for once. 115 bucks won't hurt and yes 'You're welcome'  . :D

PR sample. Honest opinion.


  1. Thanks for the review and yes I am an absolute Parachute fan, right from their hair oil to their various variants. I had been using the summer variant, now I am using their Deep Nourish variant. Its smooth and smells heavenly. :-)

    1. Hi5!! I am also using the other variant as well. Did not expect these to be this good!

  2. i hv heard alot about this nivi..my tbs body lotions that i stack up during the sales are yet to be finished..i lov them though..

    1. Same pinch Preetha. Last time I showed off my stash :P Which ones are you using right now

  3. There is a bigger size..that pump bottle..and it currently has disc too..much more cost effective ;) I love these too..have used Parachute only this year..

  4. The best part about Parachute products are that they are highly cost efficient and they are not just good, they are a life savior when you are out...like I always have the Deep Nourish variant's small bottle handy. I have dry skin and it does wonders for me. Despite the AC at work, I don't have to keep re-applying it for it does stay for long and finally, it smells heavenly. :-) Hey, on that note, why don't you review the Deep Nourish lotion for the benefit of your readers...its a new body lotion from Parachute.


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