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The war of the glosses: The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Hishine Lip gloss feat Maybelline Fruity jelly Lip gloss

When I reviewed  the Hishine Lipgloss from The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection, some of you suggested that the Maybelline Fruit Jelly might be a similar option at a fraction of the price. Since I have both, I thought ' Why not do a post comparing each against the other?'

But no game is without it's rules, so we need parameters to judge them. So, the battle would take place in tiers.
Tier 1: Price

The Body Shop: It costs a whooping 400 INR for 6 ml
Maybelline: Costs only 150 INR

So, the winner of this round is Maybelline gloss!

Tier 2 : The package:
The Body Shop: It's a cute small tube and there was no space. The nozzle is slant, but thick so that spreading out the gloss is easy.

Maybelline : The gloss lip is slanted and yet, small which ensures a more precise application. But the body is thin.

We have a tie here.

Tier 3: Texture:
The Body Shop: The gloss is thick and dense. Once spread on the lips, it won;t travel around and kind of sets on the lips.
 Maybelline : The texture is runny and in case you purse your lips, you should expect evevrything to vanish away.

So, the winner here is definitely The Body Shop Hishine liplgloss.

Tier 4: Moisturizing power:
The Body Shop: It stays out for a long time and moisturizes the lips quite well. In fact, I skip the lipbalm underneath. For me it;s kind of lipbalm and gloss rolled into one. Plus, since it stays on for a long time, I don't have to reach out for balms.
Maybelline : Not as good as the Body Shop one  at all. In terms of that, this is no match. Moreover, it vanishes soon. So, it;s not a good solution IMO

The winner of Tier 4 is TBS lipgloss once again!

Tier 5 ( Last round) :  Staying power
The Body Shop: it stays for a long time and even survives light meals. It;s thick texture ensures that it stays put for long and moisturizes the lip for a longer period of time.
Maybelline : It has a very poor staying power and that's that!

So, definitely the winner of this battle is The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Hishine Lip gloss!!


  1. This was a cool post :) I don't own either of these glosses but they look good.

    1. You can't Candice. :P The variant called Shinesensational Gloss that Maybelline sells is way better than this Fruit jelly sold here. That one might have given TBS a sharp competition

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  3. Nice post...The lip glosses looks tempting :)

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  5. beautiful comparison Nivedita(:


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