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Vedic line + Exfo 10 Avocado Facial Scrub made scrubbing easier

Vedic line +  Exfo 10 Avocado Facial Scrub, review, photo
I have acne prone skin and hence, I am too careful about scrubs. I actually try to stay away from scrubs as much as possible because normally they break me out or scratch the existing acne. Still, at times I love to scrub my face gently because it skin of massages my skin and also aggravates the blood circulation.

The Lotus scrub that I had used was one of the best, and ever since I figured out that there existed the kind which was called 'mild', half of my problems have been sorted out. Here is one scrub that always sits snugly on my bathroom shelf, rather one scrub that has been there for the last six months-- The Vedic line + Exfo 10 facial scrub.

What I felt: When I found shell as one of the exfoliants, I was pretty skeptic. It is a creamy scrub and the granules are surprisingly mild and yet densely packed. I was expecting it to be very harsh and abrasive, but no, the cream base softens the dry cells and the granules gently scrubs off. it has no significantly strong smell .

What I liked:
To begin with, I always love Vedic line products. They are affordable, effective and really gentle on the skin.

  1. The granules are densely packed.
  2. It is mild and non abrasive and yet does a neat job.
  3. Does not irritate my acne when used with a light hand.
  4. The cream base softens up the dead skin .
  5. It leaves my skin really smooth and soft!
These are what makes a good scrub for me.

What I did not like:
  1. As with any other scrub, if you go overboard with your scrub and have acne prone skin, it might irritate your acne    ( as it did on one occasion)
  2. Not available in regular stores.
For about 175 INR, I feel it's a really good product.
If you love scrubbing your face and need something of really good quality, give this a try and "You're welcome" .  :P

Shall I repurchase? I use this sparingly, I won;t need to very soon, but yes! I would definitely repurchase.

Do you prefer scrubbing your skin? What is your skin type?

Product sent by the brand for consideration. It has not affected my review.


  1. Liking Vedic Line products a lot :) Will giv tis a shot :)

    1. Hi5 !!! let me know if you liked it. Which ones are you using?

  2. I tried their night cream which did a good job.:)
    I want to try it once i am done with the current one.

    1. Did it? I have just run out of my TBS night cream. Shall get that one in that case :)

  3. I too have acne prone skin. I usually go for home made scrubs but at time love to use Aroma Magic Mineral Glow.
    Glad to know v have same kind of skin :D I'll definitely give it a try.

    1. Ah really? I might try out that one as well... once this one is over. Isn't scrubbing such a pain?

  4. never tried vedic line brand but this product is on my wishlist now :P

    1. Preeti, trust me, even I was skeptic about this brand at first. But once I started this, there's no stopping now :P
      On a serious note, I feel this brand is one which you would never regret buying.

  5. Nice Review dear :) Me too uses Home made scrubs and currently using Vaadi Lavender Scrub..Love it.. :)

    1. Achha? Even if we did not dig much into Vaadi, almost every person who used products of the brand said it was good. Might try out some time soon


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