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Auravedic Luxuriant Hand and Body Lotion: Hand or body?

Auravedic Luxuriant Hand and Body Lotion, photo, review
About a month ago, I had shown you my stash of body lotions. I am almost swimming in a pool of body lotions and hence, in a good position to comment on them. I have had the Auravedic Luxuriant Hand and Body Lotion for more than a year and haven;t reviewed it before because I'm not exactly sure how to rate it.

My body skin is extremely dry hence I tend to use body oils and deep moisturizing body lotions and sometimes I even mix body oils with body lotions and out on the potion.
When I had first tried this lotion on, it did not work for me. More so, it was winter. Later, when I tried it in extreme summer, when my skin was not so dry, I found it more moisturizing than I needed.  Later, I felt, it;s the perfect product when the season is in transition.

Since the bottle is small, I can carry it in my handbag and yes, having used it as a hand lotion, I feel it works the best that way. There is no stickiness, yet, my hands feel so hydrated. The way it hydrates, my hands love it and it does keep the dry-ness away for quite a long time.

The Pro:
  1. It gets absorbed into the skin.
  2. Does not leave any stickiness behind.
  3. My hands feel hydrated for a long time.
  4. The bottle is easy to carry around and does not leak.
  5. I love applying this to my hands.
  6. A good body lotion for that time when it is neither cold, nor warm and you don't need too much of  moisturization for your skin.
The Con:
  1. Available only online.
  2. 100 ml bottle for a body lotion, won't last long. But if you are using it only as a hand lotion, this might be your guy.
  3. The scent is herbal, but i find it way too overpowering. At first, I flinched from it. But now I have kind of got used to it.
Overall: I won;t want to repurchase this one as a body lotion. But as a hand lotion? Yes. I love using it that way!
That's it friends. Do you like using hand lotions?


  1. Nice Review dear... I like Auravedic products....

  2. Thanks Radha. I haven;t tried too many yet, but I have mixed feelings so far


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