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Clean & Clear Blackhead Uprooting Daily Scrub: Scrub or wash?

Clean & Clear Blackhead Uprooting Daily Scrub, review, photo
No, because of my sensitive skin, I do not scrub regularly and when I do I use very mild ones and my that I mean 'veeeery miiild!'. Yes, I have to be extra cautious while scrubbing as well. But a girl's gotta scrub honey! So, when I had spotted Clean & Clear Blackhead Uprooting Daily Scrub on a shelf, I quickly reached out for it. Indeed, the ingredient list looked impressive. It has glycolic acid ( helps acne) and since this is a 'daily use' scrub, it had to be mild and hence good for my skin type as well.

My experience: It's just like a face wash. Rather, it's like a scrubby-facewash . It lathers well, the granules
are very fine, almost non-discernible if you are blind like me, you don't feel much of grittiness either, but a very nice texture the scrub has.

How I use it:
I lather it up on my palm and gently massage it on my face. I found with regular ( not daily) use, my skin looks better. But mind, if you have acne or acne -[rone skin, never go over-zealous with any scrub.
Don't tempt a scrub!! -- is one of the commandments for you!!

  1.  I don't have blackheads ( thank fully), so can't comment on that. But it does clean up the skin and helps the oiliness.My skin starts looking and feeling better.
  2. Affordable. About 99 INR for 80 grams ( I think)
  3. The glycolic acid indeed does a good job.
  4. My skin feels pretty fresh.
  5. Used light-handed, it;s a good scrub.
As with any scrub, if you are not careful, your acne might be irritated. otherwise it's a really nice product to have!!

Do I recommend? yes! I do! All oily skineed beauties NEED this in their skincare kitty. But mind, do not use it everyday! Rather use it on alternate days IMO and follow up with a moisturizer.
I am not sure how dry skinned women are going to like it. If you have dry skin and have used it, let me know what you think of it.

This is my second tube. So -- Repurchase!


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  2. value for money ! yey! :)

  3. it's good. nice review :)

  4. I too liked it a lot. Very mild n effective.

    1. Exactly! I dn;t know if it really works on blackheads... I would rather have them extracted by a professional if I had them, but it works as a good facial scrub!

  5. So affordable and yet does the work..I guess I'll give it a try!
    Dear I have a tag for you..plzz check it out here:

    1. Oh my!! Sure thing! I would love to do it!

  6. i never bought this because it says "blackhead" :P i dont have any! lol! but this sounds good!


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