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Happy Valentine's Day and some chitchat

Nah, this one is not really another of my 'grave know-it-all' post which would burden you down.
I hope all of you had  a wonderful Valentine's Day!
As for myself.. the guy doesn't live in my city . And I had class right in the morning to which I am always pressed for time!  But I woke up to find a beautiful text! We had talked for a long time yesterday and yes, spoke over the webcam.. I know, seeing in person is not the same as speaking over webcam.. still... it was nice!
Well, for those who say each day is a special day , I think, misses out the fun of celebration! The philosophy does not work for me for I am always looking for a celebration. So, our special day and celebration is going to happen in March! And I am definitely going to share the details with you!!

Tell me, what you did for Valentine's Day? It is so much fun to hear what the other girls are doing!!

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. congrats! :) even I agree with you on the everyday is special blah blah.. even if it meant meeting my guy for 10 minutes today it was really special for me especially today :)

    1. Exactly! I am aware of all those philosophies, but then, nothing is comparable to a meeting even if that is a short one

  2. Oh that great Nivi, I can understand what does it means. Everyday is a day of love but when you see, meet or talk to your beloved then, its entirely a different feeling.:)
    Hope march comes soon for you..:))


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