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I added some glitter in my life with Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat

Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat , review, photo, swatches, nail
Friends and foe!!! Wait.. not foe...  I seem to be suddenly in a very good mood even though there is no specific reason to be so. In fact, I have got an acne which is not a very good news.
I am speaking almost like I'm high while au contraire , I am not! Believe me!
Anyway, this post is an 'almost rave' post. Why? Read on.

Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat

I had not given much thought about top coats until I had got my Chinaglaze nail polishes. I have reviewed
and swatched only one here. I have another one which I love, but it chips off in no time at all! In order to stop nail polishes from chipping and adding some extra shine, I have been venturing out into top coats.
When I had put on the Colorbar Gliteratti, it took my breath away!!

Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat: Ignore the mess. I am not too good at painting my nails

The clear top coat had tiny specks of glitters as well as larger hexagonal sequins. They are not densely packed which is something I prefer. I tried it on my Chinaglaze... the shade of which I have forgotten. It's a beautiful greyish... metallic blue.. not the funky type, but a demure kind. When I put on the Colorbar Gliteratti on top, the hexagons and the tiny specks kept reminding me of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night.... a picture I never can get enough of! It's a strange delight for me!! The bright fiery stars.. they always make a wonderful impression!
The whole effect reminded me of it. So, even though this would look good on lighter shades.. in my opinion, I am going to wear this ont on top dark colors and have my own Starry Night.

Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat

As for the staying power: Normally the Nail polish starts flaking on the next day. This time, it had stayed put for 7 days straight without any kind of chipping or peeling whatsoever. Impressive huh?

Packing and the brush: The bottle is nice to hold and the brush is indeed special. It is not like your regular brush. It's way thicker than the normal ones which lets you do your manicure almost in a single swipe! The brush is thick and really dense and it makes the application a breeze!

Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat

Look at the bottle mouth and the brush and you would get an idea.

15ml for 350 is not a bad deal and even though I am not a big spender on nail polishes and I never really regretted not having mroe of Chinaglaze or OPI or Essie... or whatever you can think of.. I would indeed spend for this one.. I am definitely getting the bright red from the pro range since red nails are my staples and the quality, quantity of the product, added to the really good brush makes it a steal even for a mani-miser like me!
I would recommend this one and I am surely buying .. if not the same color, definitely in some vibrant colors!
Are you game for this one?

Disclaimer: PR Sample. But honest rave and review!


  1. ooo boy! i want this !!!!!

  2. I love how glitter has taken over the nail world. I recently have bought some glitter nailpaints from local brands and they are good. Will share them with you soon.

    1. I love the glitters, but the difficulty of removing them from the nails puts me off. Still, they look so gorgeous!
      yes, yes.... please show us your stash!

  3. Replies
    1. Hahahah! Blogging , esp beauty blogging is not good for pocket. :P

  4. that really looks brilliant!!

  5. Wowww looks so beautiful me gonna try soon :)

  6. I saw this at the counter and shucks I did not buy..will get now!

    1. Do get one now. I am buying their red for sure!

  7. I am loving it too..totally glams up the nails no..

  8. Lovely colorbar
    is always best in all...


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