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Makeup I loved this January: My Janurary Favourites

January favorites, foundation, TBS, Maybelline, NYX, Bourjoisparis
As I had mentioned earlier, these days I am more focusing on using my makeup. I realized that most of the times, I had not been using much and instead hoarding them up.  My job does not let me go too noticeable. Surely, I don't want to be referred to as 'the lecturer who looks like a person from glossy magazines" . :P
So, I had rather been trying to venture into ( which I detested before) and perfecting the no-makeup makeup look or keeping things toned down. Honestly, I am enjoying it as well.

This does not mean, I had been solely, using only this cluster. But these are the products I had reached out for the most!

Most of these have been reviewed here  and I have linked these back to the post in case you want to take a peek.

The Body Shop Virgin Mineral Liquid Foundation: Love it. It takes care of the dryness , covers the imperfections... the only con is it is about one or two shades darker than my skin tone. So, every time I put it on, my mum and my sister asked, if I had not been cleaning my face properly? How did I suddenly become so tan? 
Bourjoisparis Baked Blush in Rose D'or: It's a vintage blush and I don't doubt why it has been in existence for such a long time. At first, I almost hated it. But then I read somewhere the surface hardens up. I scrub the surface with the little brush that comes with it and now I have almost flattened it out. Be careful with this one. it's not powdery like your regular blushes and builds up eventulaly into intense color. So be careful and don;t go brushing on arbitrarily.

NYX Dramatic Chromatic Loose Shadow in Nymph: Almost my regular wear to the college. Love to wear it as a wash which brightens up my eyes in a jiffy!

Maybelline Dramatic Gel Liner: Loving how it glides on. But liking the Hypershine Liquid liner more. Need to use this one up as well.

Inglot Base: My frenimy. It creases, yes it does. But still, it makes my eye shadows POP!! I was not able to wear neutrals because of my pigmented lids. but ever since I got it, I am now digging into all kind of neutrals! It is almost used up now. But next on my list is MAC's painterly.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Beige Lipstick in the shade Chestnut: Loving this one! The shade resembles MAC's Crosswires, even though it's not an exact dupe. Looks like an every day pinkish-coral, but has a kind of bright neon effect I think. I have been using it like crazy!! ( Swatch soon).

C'est tous mes amies!
Hope to see your monthly favourites a s well!


  1. u shud get mac painterly..it stays really long

    1. That's my tghout too pree! Thank you for the suggestion. I thought if I buy that now, I probably won;t be reaching out for this oen anymore and whatever is left would just expire sitting in a corner. So, waiting for this one to finish up..

  2. maybelline dramatic gel liner too good....

    1. It was unexpectedly good! But I found an even better alternative :P

  3. Interesting products Nivi :)

    1. Thank you Radha. Anything caught your fancy?

  4. Interesting products xxxxx


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