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Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara: The good, bad and ugly!

Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara, photo, review, swatches
Last year I realized, I had been wearing more mascara than ever! Well, the reason more being... I had been focusing more on using stuff rather than buying .  How could my beautiful eye makeup looks be complete without mascara? And later I realized, a good coat of mascara can help you tons! Once my Motives mascara was over, I wanted to get something quickly and I did not want to spend big right away! So, when I noticed this on a Maybelline counter and also, at that point of time, the hype was going around, I decided to give this a try.

O cursed day! O the day I decided to buy this!!


My experience: the good, bad and ugly At first I was very happy! The price is so pocket friendly and the product 9ml! The brush looked wonderful! Curved and perfect to reach out to the bottom of the lashes nicely.

I tried it on and no, it did not add much length or volume . Neither did it add extra curls or anything, it just defined them nicely.

Now, if you know how to use a mascara to your purpose, yes, we cn make do with almost any. So, I started using my technique in order to define and separate the lashes. But on it;s own, the formula was not much of a help.
It is indeed water-proof and removal is such a pain! I use coconut oil to dissolve it on my lashes and then clean it with a makeup remover.
see how thin my lashes look!

The worst part: At first I thought it's a co-incidence... but later I discovered it was giving me horrible lashfall! My lashes were pretty strong and healthy and long. But every time I used this I would lose some lashes often 4 at a time!
My lashes on the left eye are a bit less good than on my right. But my right eye, in a few months started to look almost stripped off all the lashes! The lashes that grew back ( while I was still using this) were weak and thin.
I had no other option but to stop using it and thankfully my lashes are growing back again!

Verdict: It's a mascara that has been giving me lash fall and had almost stripped my eyes off all of it . it also weakened my lashes and actually damaged them put put it in a nut shell. So, I do neither recommend nor am I going to use or buy ever again!

I know many of you loved this. But not I. It;s a complete failure for me.


  1. ooh! thanks a ton for the review... I was almost going to buy this for my sister, now i know i shouldn't!!! ♥

    1. personally I would not go near it anymore!

  2. oh god..lash fall? i hav not experienced that wid any mascara..u kno i was planning to get this..

  3. Will stay away from it now! Lash fall sounds scary.

  4. this one is water proof na? may be because of this you were having lashes to fall off? i had the washable one & i loved it! it gives good volume to mine!

    1. I don't think it;s because of that. I had used waterproof mascaras before. In fact, I have used two tubes of colossal volume's water-proof variant, but never had had this issue before

  5. Oh dear..Lash fall..I don't want to go bald there..Will never even touch this one..

    1. :P Stay at least a mile away from it

  6. I actually loved this mascara for making my lashes look longer. I agree that it doesn't help with the volume at all. But I would have actually re-purchased it if it wasn't for the lash fall. Yes, I experienced it too.


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