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Parachute Body Lotion for Extra-dry Skin might work for normal skin too

Parachute Body Lotion for Extra-dry Skin , review, photo
Last year was my year of face-packs ( a battle coming up soon) and as I turn 26, this years I think is going to be the year of moisturizers and body lotions. Winter is gone, but that does not mean that my body skin is behaving well. it is still very dry which I frantically moisturize. And since I had shown you here in this post that parachute had sent in two bottles of body lotions, I had been making a full use of it. The other variants had been reviewed here, here and here once again. Here is my turn to re-review the variant for extra-dry skin!

The cold hit me bad. And my whole family had been frantically using the parachute bottles. My dad had been
loving this one in particular. :P
As for myself what I thought:
It's really affordable and smells really good. please, do not judge a bottle by it's name. it smells nothing of coconut oil, but smells fresh and nice. As I applied, I felt this one is a bit more moisturizing than the winter variant for normal-dry skin. It takes a couple of minutes before completely getting absorbed and the skin really feels soothed.
I also like thet fact that the brand has been thoughtful to put in a pump which ensures no spill or messiness.

But as for myself, I feel this one, even though yields pretty good results for a few hours, the effect does not last for a long time unlike the other variant and I have to reapply it again sometime in the evening or in the night.
I might be actually too demanding here, since normally, no body lotion would hydrate the extra-dry skin for 24 hours!! But it seems to me, that the other variant actually fares better on me.

I am not getting into the pros and the cons since the above summarizes almost everything I thought/felt about this lotion.

Do I recommend? Definitely!
Shall I repurchase? Surely! for about 160 INR ( you might also get good discounts) for 400 ml and the quality, this is a steal! I am definitely getting all the three variants for summer because I use body lotions all summer long and yes, like most of you, get bored of using the same product for ages!

Are you apprehensive that since the lotions are from Parachute, they might smell of coconut oil?


  1. he he ! actually i am a bit apprehensive about the trade mark narial tel smeel :P

    1. I know. So was I before i had used their first body lotion. :P

  2. Sounds good will give a try Nice Review Nivi :)

  3. nice review nivi..m yet to try it out

  4. Hi Nivedita, I had my reservations for using parachute that's always been associated with coconut oil. But one day, I ended up buying parachute summer fresh body lotion, it's the summer variant that has coconut milk and mint extracts. To my surprise, it works well for dry skin in the summer months. No chip-chip, in fact the cream goes right into my skin and then disappears without leaving any film of grease on it. And the mint not only smells wonderful but also leaves a cooling sensation on the skin. And it's wonderfully affordable!


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