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Coastalscents Doe Foot Applicator Brush: BR-C-S07 turned out to be quite a dark horse!

 Coastalscents Doe Foot Applicator Eye makeup brush BR-C-S07, photo, review
If two years ago, you had asked me what a doe-foot brush is, I would have imagined something related to zoology. I have never given this brush much thought and mine came in the 12 piece brush set from Coastalscents which I had shown here. Even then, I did not know what to do. But one day... one very fine day, I took it out and started experimenting and honestly speaking, I was amazed to find it's multi-tasking capacities. Where do I begin?

Let me start with the description: It is not a very big brush.It's meant for the eye, but since my eyes are
pretty small, I thought I would fine the other uses as well. It's neither too big, nor two small size, makes it a genius!

How I use this brush?

If you have large eyes, this can be an ideal tool to use as a shader. For ym eyes, it does that job pretty well. Since I have normal-sized eyes, it's nothing revolutionary that way.

I have tried doing my crease and it does a really commendable job there. The edges and the angled shape helps to do things with more precision... like the crease, blending, etc.

Now,  what I find most helpful is as a concealer brush under the eyes! Yes you heard me right! I saw that flat -toppped Kabukis do a really nice job underneath the eyes while  the fluffy dones do the same as well. The brush is slightly dense and since it is not stiff, it does a goob job at  blending the concealer  and this has saved much of my pain!!

I love my coastal-scents kit! I had spent about 2000 INR including shipping etc, for the entire kit and the other brushes etc, on average each of the brushes costed me around 150 INR and at this price, this is more than a steal. I think if you want to invest in some good -standard good quality brushes without breaking the bank, coastalscents is the place you want to look at.


  1. hello Nivedita
    i have Doe Foot Brush from CS as a part of my 22 piece brush kit
    I use it fr highlighting n blending the crease at times
    i will try it fr concealing too now
    I love CS brushes too

    1. You got the 22 piece one!! I have been lusting for that one for a long time. And now i shall try highlighting as well :D

  2. Great post Nivi I will keep this in my mind when I want to purchase Make up brushes :)

    1. Thank you Radha. lad it was help. Yes, please do watch out for the sales at cs if there is one. You would never regret purchasing from there.

  3. I am still struggling to understand basic brushes.. and I like a child carelessly use what ever comes in my hand..

    1. :D Soon you would figure out everything. Actually IMO you can use the same brush differently. There is no hard and fast rule as such. Whatever works is good enough :)


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