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I am glad to have come across Omved Ultra Light-Day and Night Moisturizer

Omved Ultra light-Day and Night Moisturizer, photo, review
When Omved made it entry, I had not given much thought at that point. Primarily so, because I had heard kind of neutral reviews on their lip products. But, their Ultra-Day and Night Moisturizer pretty much surprised me.

My first brush: The bottle felt nice and when I put on and rubbed a pump  of it on the back of my hand,
my skin there felt hydrated and it was instantly absorbed.

And eventually...

I started using it in the day time, since I still wasn't sure of wearing it in the night tine. Then , one day, I was so tired that I had fallen asleep with the lotion on, and voila! In the morning, my face did not feel dry and it looked fresh!!

I have acne prone skin. So, anything new, is risky. Thankfully, this one has not broken me out and every since I have been using it ( of course along with my other products), I haven't had a bout of acne again, so far. Phew!!

I cannot really ask for more from a moisturizer.

The Good:
  1. Very light.
  2. Hydrating. You feel your skin happy.
  3. Can be used both in the day and in the night. I am using it in the night too.
  4. gets absorbed quickly.
  5. Smells beautiful and unconventional... not of apples, peaches or pears!
  6. The pump dispenses a good amount. two pumps are enough for my face and neck.
  7. Did not break me out and haven't experienced any new break outs ever since.
  8. Can be purchased online.

The Bad:
  1. I need a sunscreen during the day time. but it's ok. Who wants sunscreen in the night?
  2. 440 INR for 100ml is a bit steep. But considering how much I have used and how little the level has gone down, I think I should not cringe.
  3. Available only online so far.
  4. The packaging. The plastic lid cracked up like other plastic lids .

Verdict: I like this moisturizer and and I would recommend this to everyone!!

Have you tried anything from this brand? Any recommendations?

Product sent for editorial purpose. Opinion 100% honest.


  1. I have tried their face and hair packs.. were good enough. You should absolutely try their eye contour gel <3

    1. Really? Shall buy it once I use up my Vedic line eye products. May be I would also go for their face packs?

  2. I have not heard about this brand...but I'm going to buy this as my skin type is same as yours :P Thanx for the review!

    1. You would love it Megha. So, we have the same skin type? Shall check out the products you love in that case.

  3. Sounds really good...and no parabens and surfaces either!

    1. Hey, btw, parabens are not as scary as some would make you believe! But yes, deifnitely, it;s a pro. I am loving it overall as a whole.

  4. Quite new for me this brand...sounds good nice review Nivi
    Happy weekend

    1. Thank you Radha. :) Let me know if you try this out.

  5. Got to try it! I can never get enuf of moisturizers!

    1. I am going through that phase too!!

  6. I cant never get tired of their lip balms, ubtans and the EO's! Awesome collection!


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