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My HAIR SPRAY Story: Tresemme Hair Spray- Firm Hold

When it comes to hair, I simply suck! I can't even seem to be able to plait my hair properly!! So, what I do is, I normally leave it down, or put it up with a clip. these days I have learned to put it up in buns and that all ladies!! other that than, I love curling my hair.

Now, comes the difficulty, I seem to have too much of fly-aways or my parting just wouldn't stay in place. See, I need nothing complicated, but something just to keep my parting in place  like the partings on the other girls and there lies my hairspray story. Being too  young and too naive, I didn't know anything back then when my sis got me the Tresemme hair Spray in Firm hold.

I have always been scared of trying on hair-styling products chiefly because my hair is thin and fine. Plus, the scary tales of hair-fall due to styling products, did freak me out!! This bottle had been sitting around for quite sometime until I got my Oriflame Hair Spray. Once, I sused that, I quickly started reaching for the tresemme again and here goes the reason!

My impressions:
Like most hairsprays, it smells strongly of alcohol. In case, your mum doesn;t approve of alcohol, be prepared to face the suspicious look from your parents. :D

The good:
  • It does not make your hair too crunchy unless you are almost bathing in it.
  • It keeps flyaways in place.
  • Good quantity. With the kind of frequency with which I use ( which is rarely),a can  would easily last about 2 years!
  • The best part is that it WASHES OFF WITHOUT LEAVING ANY KIND OF RESIDUE WHATSOEVER and this is the best thing about the spray!
The Bad
  1. I have used it to keep my curls in place. But after a couple of hours, my curls started to fall flat , but then, this is the weakest variant of the three.
  2. Not available here.
Do I recommend? Yes, if you need a quality product which is firendly on your pocket as well, this is our guy.
Shall I repurchase? I would like to.

I seriously hope Tresseme did launch their hair styling products here as well because we NEED it!!


  1. Try Loreal hair sprays....you get a light versions in them that u can use frequently....they look more natural and keeps things like flyaways in place....

    I use Loreal Studio Invisi FX Micro fine spray in Ultra Strength....bought it many years back for Rs. 325....though it says it is ultra strength but it is like a fine veil on ur hair and does not make it crunchy but looks natural....not meant for keepin hair styles in place though like the strong hold ones but ideal for daily use...

    1. only 325?! I wondered where those sprays were available. Shall check out the salons then. How about the Elnett? Was thinking of picking up one of those huge bottles. :P

  2. Replies
    1. It is. Wish these were available here ...

  3. Ahhh I wish I had curly hair :) I posted my hair care routine upon your request Nivedita! You can see it here: http://candiceyoureview.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/my-hair-routine.html
    Hope you like it!

    1. Me too!! I love curly hair . still, I can make do with velcro rollers even though the joy is too fleeting because my hair falls flat normally in 12 hours again!

  4. You had once recommended me Gatsby, and I got it for 150 bucks from Healthkart. It works good.

    1. Good idea!! Shall give it a try in that case! Good reminder Simi!

  5. sounds good Nivi I love their conditioners :)

  6. I love Tresemme shampoos & conditioners, but I have never tried any hair spray myself. I generally ask them at the salon to use one after a blow dry to make it last, but even that goes oily & limp in few hours which is death for my fine hair.

    1. :( I was quite apprehensive about hairsprays as well, but Tresemme made me feel the other way round now. Yes, we, with fine hair, really never know what to do with our hair. :P

  7. Why they dont launch products like these in India . . . :/

  8. I have heard great reviews of Elnett..do try that..

  9. Tresemme is OK - not the best. I started using the Shielo Firm Hold Hairspray and it has great all day hold; it is not stiff; it can be combed through; it is not sticky; it is buildable- you can use more or less, depending on the degree of hold you desire.

    I have used hair sprays that were almost ten times the price of the Shielo hairspray - but the Shielo one is by far the best. Will never use another hair spray- LOVE!


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