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Project Empties: February... What I used up to the last bit

February Empties
 Even though my shopping or rather no-shopping resolution has been slipping off every now and then, this year, yes, I am sticking to my resolution of actually using and finishing up the products I have. Last month I indeed used up quite a few products and now let's take a peek into my Project Empties of February!  Here is it!

From left to Right

Street Wear Nail Polish: This one has been there with me for about  ... don't be flabbergasted.. 6 years! Finalyl I got bored and it became thick and I made up my mind to throw it away.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser: I love this. I have a whole full size bottle and I intend to keep this empty bottle and transfer some from the  bigger bottle to this smaller one. Becomes easy to handle and easy to carry around as well. It helps me get rid of all kind of eye makeup. It's very gentle and I think this is one product, even though expensive for me, I don;t mind repurchasing over and over again.

Ponds Tinted Moisturizer: Haven't reviewed it here. By the time I fell in love with this beauty, it was already withdrawn form the market. I wonder what kind of wisdom made Ponds' to come to such a decision.Looks like the brands are not willing to cater the good products to the Indian market.

Aroma Magic Cream Cleanser: It did not clean makeup, but it did something else. It cleansed my skin off all the dust and grime and does help me with acne. It kind of helps control the oil production without breaking you out. I am definitely repurchasing this.

Clean and Clear  Blackhead Clearing daily Scrub: I do not know if it helps with blackheads, since I myself have none, but on my acne -prone sensitive skin, it works great as a scrub! I used it every alternate day and my skin loves the mild scrubbing. Definitely repurchasing.

Pantene leave in Conditioner; Used to be available a long time back. Never did any good. This little tube, sat in a corner and died... ooops! Expired!

Maybelline Hypercurl mascara.. the water proof one: Definitely water-proof, but definitely bad for the lashes. Only product from Maybelline which disappointed me so far. Bye bye. Never see you again!

Onabet Shampoo: My anti-dandruff treatment shampoo. But ever since I found my VLCC Anti-dandruff shampoo, I did not have to reach out for this oen that frequently.

Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation: I have got quite a few sachets. My first impression was kind of mixed. Shall try it out the other sachets and let you know.

What did you use up this month?

So, about 9 products in all... shouldn't I treat myself to a small haul now? What say?


  1. clean and clear scrub rocks , good experience with it :)

    nice post

    1. true! I am thinking of getting another tube of it.

  2. wow nice! I have this habit of saving the last bit of products. I hardly ever empty anything but last week when I was rearranging my closet, I had to throw away 2 boxes of cosmetics :(

    1. it had happened to me before which is why, I am trying to cut down on purchasing cosmtics at the moment and focussing on using them up instead.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Nice Post nivi I have never emptied any product other than moisturizing lotion :P

    1. Try this project empties Radha. It helps a lot :P

  4. You liked VLCC shampoo more than onabet ?? wow !! would love reading a review of VLCC one and the ingredients too :)

    1. I know rashmi, it sounds strange, but I do like it more than the Onabet. I had reviewed it here in case you want to take a look. http://www.makeupandchitchat.com/2012/11/vlvcc-rosemary-antu-dandruff-shampoo.html
      Since I did not shoot the ingredient list back then, if you want, hold on, I shall update it soon.


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