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Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Matte Lipstick might be the next one to create a rustle

Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Matte Lipstick, Fig, photo, review, swatches

What's up ladies? recently you have not seen much posts here. Well, the guy is back in town for a while again and I am on a roller-coaster . But, I can't stay away from posting something as well.

Faces have really impressed me with their products for some time. Rather, they have been impressing me. It seems they are keen to fit any budget and you need not compromise. I had reviewed the products from
Go-Chic range before. you can check out the reviews of the Lipsticks and the swatches and the review of the shadows a s well. I liked the Monos from the Glam-On Range and now they are back with their Ultime Pro range. Here is a lipstick I have in the shade called Fig. Incidentally, I love the shade Fig from Go-Chic as well.

At first, I was taken aback since I am not the biggest fan of browns. recently, as I am trying out shades, I came across quite a few which I am actually liking and planning to wear to work as well. ( watch out for my favorite shades of Brown).
When I tried it on my lips, it was just love!!!

 My Experience: At first, I did not realize it was matte. It went over like a ... how to put it.... it went over 'wet' ( almost) like a very moisturizing or liquid lipcolor does and within a couple of minutes it set on my lips and it actually got tattooed on without creating any kind of discomfort what-so-ever! And this is what impressed me. normally, no matter what, longstay lipcolors do dry out your lips a bit. Admit, no lipcolor looks good say on chapped lips, but still... you know what I mean.
And it does stay put for a long time. it survives light meals . But if you are going for heavy ones with plenty or oil or ghee, please, do not expect anything lipcolor of any brand to stay in tact!

Overall: My likes and 'un-likes' :D

  1. The shade Fig is a lovely tone of earthy brown, close to burnt sienna which would suit dusky complexions without making them look dull..
  2. 10 shades ranging from beautiful pinks to reds to browns.
  3. The amazing texture!!
  4. Stays put without discomfort.
  5. Available at the Faces counters and even online!
  •  The price! 599 is just too steep for me and I am sure there are lots of women who would also find this steep.I am not complaining about the quantity because I almost never manage to finish up a product.
  • I am not sure if this range has hit every Faces counters

This is now it looks on my lips.

What's your take on the brand?  Checking out this line?

PR sample. Honest review.


  1. OMG this shade looks awesome on you Nivi Nice Review :)

  2. the shade looks so flattering on u Nivi... i think price is expensive though...!

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  4. really nice shade :) but even I feel its a bit costly!

  5. I loved the shade and the lip swatches too.:)
    I think the price is a tad high though pretty color!

  6. Very pretty shade Nivi! I think all shades look good on ur lips :)

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  8. lovely shade...a very lovely muted brown!


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