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NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Beige: Read My Lips

NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Beige, photo, swatches, lipswatch
Recently on youtube, NYX Megashine in Beige is making a splash. I really do not know the exact reason. May be because it looks good on a wide range of skin colors. On caucasian ( white) skin, it looks really pink, just like in the bottle. On my skin tone ( around NC41), it looks a pinkish nude and I love how it feels on my lips. Anyway, since I have not done a lipswatch in a while, here I go

Do I look like I am wearing a lipgloss? It;s quite pigmented let me tell you beforehand

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  1. colors grt on u nivi....i too love nude colors...

  2. Looks nice on u Nivedita but im afraid it would wash me out!

  3. Very preety nude color.. I have the same in Nude and love ittt..

    Hina xx

  4. Woow it looks beautiful!!Pigmented Lipgloss - I am all in!!


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