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Red Hot Salsa brightened up my summer day: Face's Cosmetics Ultime Pro Nail Laquer

 Face's Cosmetics Ultime Pro Nail Polish Red Hot Salsa, photo, review, swatches
Black and reds are my nail staples and yes ladies, I do wear all kind of reds. For me, there is no season for reds and summer is here. While the sun glares on me, I decided to glare back at the sun!!! and this paint might be my weapon of choice.

Wait until I come up with my red nail polish collection which I am wearing religiously now. I am now wearing this Red Hot Salsa and here is my take.

My Experience: The bottle looks exactly like the Lakme's previous long-stay polishes. May be it comes
from the same manufacturer? But, as for the quality, I am happy! When I first took a look, it took my breath away! It was one of the perfect red polishes and I see it wearing more frequently and using it up like my NewU Polish soon. The cap feels a bit flimsy( In my opinion), but when I brushed it on, I was was really glad. The paint went over smoothly and the brush, though not noticeable big, worked really well. it;s neither stiff, nor too soft and the application is just breeze! The polish dried up only in a few seconds BUT even though it looked very opaque at first, it dried a bit sheer. The second coat took care of it and I had intense and clean manicure!!

The polish stays put for about 4 days, after which you may need a touch up. And the touch up makes it all the more durable. However, I prefer to clean up every ten days or two weeks.
Ignore the mess please

Boiling down


  1. The brush.
  2. The packaging.
  3. The color.
  4. Drying time.
  5. Opacity.
  6. Availability.
Did not love:
  • The quantity for the price : 9.8 ml for 399 INR!!! I am no big spender on nail polishes and as such 399 INR!!!
  • Only two shades are available. The other one is a bright magenta color.

Final word I like this nail polish since it's a gorgeous shade of red and dries quickly. It's the drying which used to keep me off from wearing nail polishes regularly and I detest chipped polishes. Hence, maintenance is an issue for me. However, this does an impressive job. But 399!!!.... why? why? why?

Do I recommend? if you are a spender on nail polishes this might be your thing. But if you are not, you may give this a pass. 
As for myself, it remains in my lust list again, but I am not sure I would actually break the bank for this one.

Overall: It's a good product to have, but wish the brand had reconsidered the price.

PR Sample; Honest review


  1. gorgeous..perfecto for summers

  2. Too expensive!! but looks great...

    1. Exactly. it is too tempting, but the price makes me cringe ... A LOT!!! :D

  3. Wow this is a hot shade. looking lovely on ur nails!

    1. Thanks Megha. I do not know why I love reds and black on my nails :P

  4. Replies
    1. me too!! I love all kind of reds on my nails! They make me so happy!

  5. Lovely shade ....New follower of your blog :)

  6. i love all the shades that they have come up with in this range! but the price is sky high!

    1. Exactly!!! The shades are just 'happy shades', but guess happiness comes with a price :D

  7. OMG lovely hot Red loved your NOTD Nivi :)

    1. Thank you Radha. Do you love reds too?

  8. This is just awesome!!!


  9. This is beautiful! Would go great with sailor outfits!

    If you fancy popping over to say ehllo I'm over at http://haul-oholic.blogspot.no/

    1. Hahahaha! Not having any beach in my city really sucks :D

  10. i love this pretty shade...one of the beautiful red..:)


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