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Ecotools eyebrow filler angled brush

Ecotools eyebrow filler angled brush, review, photo
Most of us love coat-hangers for our eyebrows. I do not get them done professionally because, my brows are sparse. So, a bit of trimming and a bit of plucking keep them in decent shape. It makes them look natural and at the same time neat. What I try to do is fill them up a bit with a brown powder.
 Tell me what's the advantage of having a big sister? You can make her things your own with or without asking!! :D This is what I had done :D I got my ecotools eyebrow filler brush.

My experience: There is not much to tell. I just love it!!! It's flat and thin and good!! It is a bit wider than the regular angled brushes which makes it inconvenient for use for gel liner. BUT, the neither long nor too short bristles makes it ideal for the brows.

I am using it with my kkcenterhk shadow which is a sable brown and have already made a dent with regular use.

Overall, I am loving this brush and would definitely recommend it to everyone who had access to ecotools.

How do you fill up your brows? Do you get them done professionally?


  1. Nice review Nivedita :) Have a lovely day!

  2. it looks good one :) nicee revu..

  3. I do it before every eye makeup look. I even shape my brows myself.:)

    1. These days even I am getting addicted to it!

  4. I love ecotools brushes!

    And, yes! I get them shaped professionally :)

    1. That's nice! So women do them both themselves or professionally!

  5. Seems good one Nivi Nice review dear :)


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