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Garnier Silky Straight Hair Serum is the secret of my shine

Garnier Hair Serum Silky Straight, photo, review

I have been using this hair serum for the last 6 or 7 months. I am not exactly in love with it, but I do not detest it either. So, here is what I just feel about it.

My Experience: Right before using this one, I had used the Matrix hair serum and I so loved it!! Having thrown away almost 3/4th of the bottle because it had expired, I wanted to get hold of something that would be of smaller quantity. So, when I saw this on a shop window, I just grabbed. No I did not run.... I paid for it. :P

The serum exactly feels and smells like the Matrix one . But this one is only a bit heavier/oilier I think.

It does a decent job to a certain extent and does NOT make my wavy hair straight.
I like the way it smells and goes over my hair. But mind, you have to be careful with the amount . A couple of drops more and your hair would look limp on the next day. Also, I noticed, if used regularly, it I think kind of deposits on the hair and causes mild hairfall. I am not sure if this one in particular caused this.
I also like the fact, it detangles my hair nicely and does soften it to some extent. In fact,  on days if I skip the conditioner, I use it to detangle my long hair and it does help with the dryness to a certain extent.

So, the Pros:
  1. Smells good.
  2. Affordable and right size. 89 INR for 45 ml is good . More so because I need only a few drops.
  3. Available everywhere.
  4. Doesn't weigh my hair down -- provided I use the right quantity.
  5. Detangles nicely. 
  6. Makes my hair soft.
  7. Provides heat protection to a certain extent.
  • Going even slightly overboard might make your hair limp and heavy.
  • Used regularly  it might accumulate and cause slight hair-fall.
  • Doesn't make my hair straight ( which I do not regret).
That is all.
I would not in all probability repurchase this one because I want to switch back to my Matrix serum again. So, hoping this one to use up before the year end. :P


  1. I think i'll give it a skip..

    D hairfall part is scary :P

    1. There would be no hairfall unless you use tons of it !!

  2. Ohhh causes hairfall. Will skip it!

    1. Same as above. :P Nah, it causes hairfall only if it gets accumulated in the roots or the scalp ( like any other product)

  3. Should try this have been using silk and shine all the time...now feel like giving this a try :D

    1. In that case, you are going to love this! I have used it Silk and shine too, but I felt it was just too heavy.

  4. will skip this, i am happy with my L'Oreal total repair 5 serum

    1. I might give it a try in that case as well.

  5. OMG hairfall caz of this shamppo i will not have look even to this shampoo :(

  6. very nicely reviewed :) am not getting this one.. :P I'd better buy the matrix one.. did you review it?

  7. I used up a bottle and not even thinking of buying it again :P

    Hina xx

  8. oh will not buy it
    thanks for the review


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