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Maybelline Watershine Pure Color Lipstick in Glazed Red Apple in R21

Maybelline Watershine Pure Color Lipstick  Glazed Red Apple in R21, photo, review, swatches
re colorful than lipsticks? I am suddenly in bright lips phase and fuchsia and reds have become my best friends again. perhaps they are my bffs because I have never been actually stopped loving them. Now, I have a small collection of red lipsticks . I know, I know. I want to do those posts, but I feel too lazy at times! Anyway, here is a blast from my not-so-past. Ladies and gentlemen " Je vous presente Maybellline Watershine Pure Color Lipstick in Glazed Red Apple in R21"!!! *Clap clap clap*

If you are scared of wearing full on red or feel a full on red is just too much for you or even if you want to start with reds and need the heart to start somewhere, it would steal your heart.

The lipstick is like a glossy balm ( Read the review of the regular range of Maybelline Watershine Lipstick here). Yes, it is not creamy or intensely pigmented. It feels hard, but kind of melts on the skin (like hard butter?)

The pigmentation as I said is not high and goes over sheer. Lips look nourished and juicy. Yes, 'juicy' is the word!!!
If you look very hard, it has tiny silver specks of shimmer which is not at all visible. It is neither discernible in any way.

Here is a swatch

So ,the Likes and dislikes:
The first
  1. Lovely color
  2. Anything red is good for me.
  3. Balmy finish.
  4. Moisturizing.
  5. Has no shimmer effects.
  6. Makes the lips look plump and juicy.
  7. Affordable at 250 I think.
  8. Nice packaging. I actually like the silver case.
Not-so -good
  1. The color is not long lasting.
  2. Leaves no stain unlike it's cousin Maybelline Watershine in Rose Jam
  3. This particular shade in not easily available any more
Final word: I am not sure if I would repurchase this one since I love my reds full on. but surely, these lipsticks are more than what meets the  eye.


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