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Nivea Body Lotion: Whitening, Cell repair and UV Protect

Nivea Body Lotion: Whitening, Cell repair and UV Protect sounds awesome right? I had  got this body lotion about a year body lotion an by the time that lotion was over, summer was over too. Then with the changing weather, my dry skin came back and I had to switch over to rich body creams and lotions. This year, with the heat  taking its hold, I needed something lighter for my body and on delving my shelves, I found this again!

My Experience: As I mentioned, the product is very light and it's good for summer. It moisturizes my skin adequately and avobe all, leave to sticky residue. I have worn it and gone out and I saw no significant tanning. Indian summer is too hot for anything to prevent tanning. So, I am ok with it.
the only issue is that, at night, if I am using AC, I need something more moisturizing.


The Goods:
  • Lightweight.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky feeling.
  • Prevents tanning to some extent.
  • Has a light frangrant scent.
  • Perfect moisturization for the day time.

The not-so-goods
  • It may not work if your body skin is too dry.
  • Not good for winters.
  • May not work that well in AC conditions.

Otherwise, this is a nice product to have and I would surely recommend it to you!

PR sample. Honest review.


  1. I am so waiting to try this.. Will pick it next time for sure..

    Nice review Nivedita! :)

  2. I am gonna try this soon nice revu :)

    1. I hope you would not be disappointed.

  3. i think i might give this a try :)

  4. Seems good for summers

  5. Used it last year i guess. It doesnt whiten one bit ;) ;) . . .didnt even help the mild tan :(

    1. No. It does not whiten at all!! I moisturize my skin much and may be this is why it worked a bit for me :)

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