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If you want to enjoy the terrible summers

Summers are nice, though I doubt if Indian summers are. Nah, I kind of enjoy summers because, I am lucky that I don't have to go out directly in the sun much.So, the heat is not the problem. I do get to indulge into long baths with bath products and skin care or lie under the fan after a bath and dry my hair without a hair dryer. Now there are certain things, I do and don't do in summers and I never get any heat rashes or any major skin issues.
Now, let me tell me about my habits:
  1. I do walk a lot
  2. I do walk and sometimes I can't avoid the sun. No, don't get the punishment of walking in the sun, but I can't always avoid.
  3. I do eat street food, yes, even in this heat.
  4. I do not carry an umbrella.
Sounds terrible? Ok, let me tell you about some healthy habits and cautions I maintain.

  1. Whenever I am going out I moisturize esp underneath my eyes and do wear a sunscreen. 10 mins of sun won't hurt and is good in generating Vitamin D.
  2. I do keep my skin very very clean and follow up with mud packs.
  3. I always carry a sunglass ( I hope my cataract in the old age is being delayed).
  4. I carry a huge bottle of water.
  1. Scrub at least every alternate days if not everyday.
  2. Dry your body completely. I would not give you the idea how :P
  3. Summer doesn't mean you won't need moisturizers. Do use a light body lotion. 
Follow these and watch your skin glow.

  1. I make sure to drink plenty of water. Instead of an umbrella I carry a big waterbottle. if you are hydrated well, chances are less of getting a heatstroke.
  2. Ehenever i get back home, I do take a gladd of lime water.
  3. I take my teas.
Food habits:
  1. I do eat outside though not everyday. It's hardly twice a week and nothing too heavy. On days, I am on the go, I settle for dimsums or 'momo' as they are called in Kolkata. They contain very little oil. Plus the food is hot. The pot is always on fire, so there are very little chances of germs.
What not to eat: Eat fruits at home, but do not eat fruits from the stalls . Avoid juices from the stalls as well.

And , once more, take plenty of fluids!


  1. nice post... I am way to careless...

  2. Really a great and useful post Nivi :)

  3. u made me crave for momos now Nivs :-/
    Btw, what are you using for under eye now??

  4. Even i don carry umbrella! Sunscreen is the best option :)


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