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Maybelline Color Sensational Highshine Lipgloss: Captivating Coral fared gorgeous on me!

Maybelline Color Sensational Highshine Lipgloss in Captivating Coral
For sometime I am sure you have been seeing reviews of Maybelline Color Sensational Highshine Lipglosses everywhere. I am late, but nevertheless, jumped into the bandwagon! Mine is Maybelline Color Sensational Highshine Lipgloss in Captivating Coral.

First impressions:
Now, Maybelline Glosses have always been hit with me and I have actually used up complete bottles in the past. So, when these came out, no wonder, I would have wanted to give these a try. My first impression was
that " Oh my!! So big!!" ( No pun intended J) The color looked just Neon orange in the tube and I loved the bright summery shade. On opening I found that the wand was long and the doefoot applicator in the perfect shape and size. I myself prefer doefoot applicators to brushes.

The gloss goes over beautifully and no, it doesn't look that scary on the lips! It's the right pigmentation so that it does not overtly odd, but it kind of mellows down on my pigmented lips and the orange-coral shade complements my warm skin tone and lifts it!

The most noticeable part is the shine. It does give you the mirror shine and you can build it up a bit though not too much. It goes over nicely and softens the lips.
Now, I noticed that even though the shine remains, the color kind of fades with time and leaves no stain. This is where it cannot beat it's cousin Colorsensational Glosses which leaves stain even if it goes off.

But overall. if you like glosses this might be for you. But you must not expect the colors to stain your lips. While the Colosensational Glosses are more like liquid lipsticks, this is a gloss per se! And I am really liking these, more for the shade selection! I am onclining towards Gleaming Grenadine.
At 350 INR these are good deal and I would recommend. But go through my review first. :)

Lipswatch coming up in a different post. So, stay tuned!!

product by the brand. See disclaimer for more.


  1. Wow, its a very beautiful shade!!
    Nice review dear! :)

    1. Yeah! I didn't expect it to be this beautiful!! Thank you :)

  2. the shade has superb texture :) and good review :)

    1. I am loving the texture and it makes my lips so soft!!!

  3. dis is my next buy :P i got d plum lustre n it tht one leave a stain O:)

    1. Ah! Shall check it out in that case.

  4. I Now Feel Like Buying This Shade! :-s

  5. lovely review. waiting for ur LOTD nw ;)


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