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Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Cream+Serum Duo

I had heard a  lot about Olay products, but never tried them. This was because I was happy with my skincare routine and never bothered about it. When there was a testing campaign going on at BlogAdda where they were giving the Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Cream+Serum Duo for review , I thought why not give it a try?
Now, as for me I'm turning 26 this July and since I do take care of my skin, I thought I could skip the anti-agning products. I was wrong I think.  Anti-aging products won't reverse the aging , but they do slow down. How do I know? Read on

My first impressions:
On first taking ou the cream, I thought OMG! How am I going to use this thick cream on my oily-combination skin? But as I blended out on my hand, the cream seems to melt and in fact got absorbed in a minute. I tried it on my face next. yes, for a minute,  on my skin, it did not exactly feel 'heavy', but I
definitely could feel I put on something. But after a while, the feeling was gone and my skin felt quite supple.
I also wore this in AC conditions when your skin is prone to dry up the most, but it fared well.

But under non-AC conditions, after a few hours, my skin became oily in it;s natural course. it was not like the product affected it.

The packing gets a extra point. The transparent body lets you see through and you would be able to notice how much of the product is left. At the same time, the pump dispenses the right amount for my face and nect and keeps everything hygienic ensuring minimum wastage.

I was supposed to try this for seven weeks, but since my computer had crashed, it worked as a boon in a way. I am using it for more than two weeks now and this helped me to find the difference. ( One week normally doesn't give the time enough to show the effects as such.  That my computer crashed is perhaps good in a way).

 After about two weeks:
I am loving the idea of using the cream-serum. My skin , it seems, has got used to it and I feel it gives me the right amount of moisture. if I use it as a night cream ( which I do not prefer since it contains SPF), my skin glows in the morning. Plus, it has kind of taken away the dullness I was noticing since I was spending much of my time in air conditioning. It gives me that extra-something which I cannot place my finger on, but my blemishes have reduced and my skin looks more even toned and radiant.

Verdict: I think if you are 25 or up, this could be your HG. But if you have oily skin, I would suggest using a mud pack once or twice a week, since it may result in adding up too much of moisturization overtime. My skin is loving it in this routine.

At about 350 INR which is not exactly too much, I would definitely recommend and repurchase.

 I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at BlogAdda.com


  1. I used olay night and day cream few months back in 2012.. I gotto try this one now.. Nicee review :)

    1. I was pretty much suprised. No wonder the brand has been a cult

  2. i am gonna try dis :D nice review :)

    1. Thnals Riya. :) Let me know how it works for you. What's your skin type?

  3. nice review, i would love to try this out! me too turning 26 this july!! when is your birthday in july?

    1. Yay!! Mine is on 13th!!! Jule the 13th!! :)
      Yes, do give this a try. I think you would find a difference for sure.

    2. OMG, you are just 1 day older thn me ! :) My birthday is on 14th july


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