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Phew!! I used these up in May: My May empties

I know I am too late posting this. But you know my problem. Yes, my computer had crashed. Anyways, sharing my trash with you :D Check out my May empties post
Here is the stash

Garnier BB Cream India: I love this cream! I have already repurchased the bigger tube. Need I say more?

Olay  total Effects 7in1 Day cream: I was using this one until I started using the Olay 7in1 Duo Cream+Serum. At first I did not like it much. But then, I started loving it.

Cosmedic Avederm Non-foaming face wash for sensitive Skin: I do not like non-foaming facewashes. Even though it was alright and calmed my skin, I did not find anything miraculous as to shell out 700 bucks for it.

Nivea Healthywhite deo; Wait for the review.

Lakme Compact: Has been there in my vanity for years ( not the same piece though :D)

Streetwear Colorrich gloss: I had used it so much once upon a time. Shall review it soon. About half the bottle is still there, but I am tired of it now.

Auravedic Skin Polish: Did not like initially, but as I started using it, it did a lot for my skin.

Nivea Creme Classic; Yes, I have been using quite some Nivea products and this creme is an absolute must have. I even use it as a hand and footcream and on my face during winters.

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation:  Not a bad foundation for 200 bucks. But since I do have betetr options, I don't see why I would want to repurchase.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion with Vitamin E: Shall be doing a sample review post soon.

L"Oreal Intense Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner: No, won;t be repurchasing. Weird scent, and might make your scalp itchy if you have got one. Definitely not a repurchase.


  1. Replies
    1. Hahahahah! What a surprise!! Isn't it?

  2. the nivea healthy white stinks :(
    couldnt stand it

    1. I wouldn't say it stank, but it leaves white cast. So, if you want to spray it in the last moment, be sure your clothes would be ruined.

  3. good set of empties, doing my empties is kind of getting addicting to me ..

  4. i always love empties! now i am emptying loads of products and i need to do some major shopping but pocket is empty :P


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