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Lakme Clean up Scrub in fresh fairness might be that perfect scrub you are looking for

Lakme Clean Up Scrub Fresh fairness review
I have mentioned this before that I am a bit picky about scrubs because my skin is acne prone. I have been using Lakme Clean Up scrub for some time now and it has become an alternative for Vedicline Avocado scrub to me. In fact, I am happy with both the scrubs.

My experience: At first I was pretty dubious. But as I took it in my palm, the grains felt impressive.And I liked it more when I actually massaged it onto my face. The granules are good, not
too mild, but at the same time gritty enough to do the job of scrubbing well. But the best part is that, even though the granules are gritty , they are not harsh... like there is no etchy edges to irritate the skin.
I cannot ascertain it;s effect on black heads because I really have none.

  1.  It's easily available.
  2. The granules are quite effective in removing dry skin and dead cells. But they are not harsh enough to scratch or damage or further irritate the skin.
  3. it did not irritate my skin.
  4. Removed dead cells. 
  5. Since I need only a little bit, a tube would last me a long time.
  6. Did not give me break outs.

Except fot the 'fairness' tag, frankly, I have none.

 I am liking this scrub and if you want a good scrub, 100 gm for 225 INR ( you might get discounts in your local store) is value for money. I would really recommend this one and let me know if you have any complaints about this one.

Product by the brand. Honest opinion.


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