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My June empties: I'm glad my cupboard is getting decluttered now!

My June empties: What I used up in June
The sky is still overcast and so, I right away apologize for not shooting my June Empties in proper light. But this space cannot stop, can it? So, here is my June Empties of 2013!!!

1 Nivea Body lotion Whitening and cell protection: Can't vouch for the claims, but a nice body lotion for the extreme summer days. Might repurchase. Not sure yet.

2 Sunsilk Dream soft yellow shampoo: I am loving it at the moment. Makes my hair soft and bouncy and shiny. Repurchasing for sure. It's my regular shampoo now.

3 Himalaya Cocoa Butter Lip butter: I adore love it!!! Definitelya repurchase!

4 VLCC  Rosemary Anti-dandruff Shampoo: Does what it clais. Only, cleanses the hair too much. Always need a good conditioner afterwards. Winter repurchase for sure.

5 Nivea Soft: I wish I had come across it earlier.

6 Lakme Aftersun  Expert facewash: A very very refreshing facewash for summer time. Definitely repurchasing it.

7 Himalaya Neem Face wash; My HG! Need I say more?

8 Lotus Alpha Moist Face Moisturizer: THE oil-free moisturizer for face. But lotus has much better products like Phyto Rx Rejuvina which I have gone back to again and loving again!

That's it ladies. This is my stash of achievement! LOL!

In the comment below, share a list of products you can think of which you are about to finis or have used up. I'd be really excited!


  1. oh I gotto try Lotus alpha moist soon :) and Great post Nivedita :)

    1. You would like it I think Gowthami :)

  2. I love Nivea Soft. I have used it all the time I was in college and when I started to work. I used the soap, cream, lotion and even the talc together! I loved it. Then I moved to TBS body butters but I am thinking of finishing the 4 body butters tubs and then move to this. Thanks for reminding me again how much I used to love this.

    1. You are welcome. I was thinking of buying a huge tub of this! Would also come handy in winters.

  3. Wow that's a lot of empties, well done!

    I forgot to comment and say I tagged you in the 'If I had £50' tag (or obviously the equivalent currency if from a different country) - http://petitmoibigworld.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/the-if-i-had-50-tag.html

    1. Thanks Laura. Yes! I would love to do it and would be doing it soon!

  4. oooo you and me have a lot in common , just that you have finished this stuff and i m still trying to ;)

    1 Nivea Body lotion Whitening and cell protection
    2 Sunsilk Dream soft yellow shampoo
    3 Himalaya Neem Face wash
    4 Lotus Alpha Moist Face Moisturizer

    you motivate me lady to finish mine :)

    1. May be great bloggers use same products? :D Best of luck to using them up girl :D

  5. i used nivea soft in winters..worked decently.. but then i broke out.. so stopped..wil try again later may be

  6. Well my Pond's BB cream is about to finish and I am going to repurchase it.

  7. I Used VLCC Shampoo Long Back.. And, I Really Liked It!

    Lakme Sunexpert Face wash- I loved the refreshing effect it gave but it broke me out :(

    My cupboard too is filled of so many products.. It's getting irritating now. I don't want to buy anything else before I finish those.


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