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NYX Round Gloss in Pinky Natural ( RIG 26) and Peach ( RIG 13)

I do not know why the number 13 is always there with me and to be honest 13 is my lucky number. Incidentally, according to the Indian mythology, 13 is a lucky number. So, I was pretty surprised when I saw one of my lipglosses have the same number as well!!I had heard much raves about NYX round glosses on youtube. They were popular more because of the price. Here in India, it is not that inexpensive, but still I got them for about 150 each which is a bargain I would still say.

Honestly, I did not have much expectations from these glosses. These were more like cheap thrills, but they surprised me nonetheless.

What I found:
These are what they look like. Now, the best part is the wand. The wand is a good quality
doe-foot applicator. I prefer doe-foot applicators to brushes.
The glosses have mild fragrance, unlike the Mega Shine glosses which smell so strong! The pigmentation is good for a gloss. The Pinky Natural is more pigmented that Peach. While the first goes quite opaque and covers up my slightly pigmented lips, Peach doesn;t cover up completely, but makes the lips look juicy . It also contains mild shimmers which does not show up on the lips. Pinkky Natural doesn't have any shimmer whatsoever.

 I like Pinky Natural more because it is the perfect nude gloss for me. I mean, it is not the stark beige colored nude, but nude with a hint of pink that makes your lips look natural and yet beautiful. It is very close to the Lakme Lip Laquer which I had used up completely. ( Ages ago)

My Likes about these glosses:

  1. These are affordable.
  2. Plenty of shade selection and the finish vary between being transparent to shimmery to opaque as does te pigmentation based on the shade.
  3. The shades are perfect for me.
  4. The tube is nice and does not leak. The doe-foot applicator is nice as well. When you take out the gloss or put back the wand, there is no mess around.
  5. Had no strong fragrance.
  6. Lasts on me for quite sometime and keeps my lips so hydrated and soft. In fact, it helps me even get rid of any dry layer. And even after it fades, it leaves my lips soft and hydrated. I do not feel like reaching out for a lipbalm or anything afterward.
What I do not like:

  • AVAILABILITY and that is the only con. 
  • Ok, I am also complaining about the hiked prices which makes these a bit pointless.

Verdict: Take a careful look at the Pinky natural; I realized, I have almost finished it up! yes, an achievement!! With the frequency I reach out for it, I see it used up in a month or two! 

Do I recommend? Oh yes!! Please check these out.

Shall I repurchase? In other shades for sure.


  1. m actually loving both the shades :D

    1. Thank you :) I love them both too. It's just that I am a bit biased :P

  2. whoa both shades are so lovely... :)

  3. lovely shades.. from where did u buy them ?

    1. Thank you so much Pallavi.Long time ago, I had bought it from stylecraze. But they have stopped stopped operating now :(

  4. Loved both shades Nivi :) Hope you are doing good dear

    1. Thanks dear.I'm good.Just too much of hectic schedule and I always feel so worn out! :(

  5. I LOved These Glosses.. Specially The Pink One!

    Great Bargain! :D

    1. Hahahah! Thepink one is ideal to wear with everything and they stay and do amazing things to the lips!
      yes. At 150, I did not expect so much from these!

  6. i love d pinky one... need to check dis out :D

  7. i like both the shades :)


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